Polo Shirt – perfect for a gentleman

Who doesn’t know polo shirts? Many specialists are saying that, for some years now, they regained the market. And yes, it is correct to say so. The term “regained” is correct because they appeared long time ago.

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The polo shirt became an important piece of outfit in a man’s wardrobe since 1926 when Rene Lacoste invented it, bored to play tennis in a shirt. This T-shirt is very comfortable, but gives you a neat look, it is easy to iron and you can match it with almost anything.
The versatility is definitely a quality of polo shirts. In conclusion, if you will wear them you will have an extraordinarily combination: a cool look, sporty and stylish.
If you want to have a sensational look, here are some advices that you should follow:

– do not tuck the T-shirt into your trousers if you are wearing jeans
– be careful to its color, it is important to choose the appropriate color combination
– like almost any other piece of outfit, choose carefully its size otherwise it will loose its elegant touch