Over The Knee Boots 2020

Recommended by stylists, worn by stars and present in all shoe stores, over the knee boots are definitely the strength of this season. Although it’s easy to wear and match, you must know how to wear such a pair of boots, depending on your body to make sure you get the most out of it.
Sexy and bold, boots over knees may seem vulgar if they are not worn properly. A successful outfit can be destroyed with a pair of long boots, while a trivial outfit can be turned into a remarkable one if you wear a pair of boots whose length exceeds the knee.

Tall women are the luckiest because these boots do not give them big headaches. If you are very tall, it is recommended to wear boots over knees with oversized dresses, whether cloth or knit. Make sure, however, that the dress is short enough so that a piece of foot is left uncovered between it and the shoes.

Women with accentuated shapes, bulging posterior and generous bust will benefit if they wear these boots with a pair of jeans in the same color and a light blouse, not a multitude. Their feet will look much longer and thinner, while the posterior will be advantageous. They can also wear such highly molded boots and a pencil skirt to get a sophisticated outfit in Kim Kardashian style.

Women with an athletic, tall, solid body can draw attention to their long legs, making them look thinner, wearing a pair of black jeans, just like boots. They should also wear a belt at the waist, but also a scarf on the neck.

You may wear them in such different situations :

1. Over the knee boots in casual outfits

Be in trend and wear them at school, at shopping, at a walk in the park, where when you go with friends in mall.
We can wear boots over knees with or without casual wear. For the guaranteed success of our outfits we only need to take care of the length of the dress, the chosen materials and the accessories we choose for.

2. Over the knee boots in office outfits

And in the office we can choose boots over knees. We choose the ones with a heel and wearing them in combinations with skirts to knees or knitted dresses on the body. Take care, the dress or skirt has to exceed at most a knee line, or maybe even choose a dress to the knee.

3. Over the knee boots in evening outfits

In the evening, at an exit with the girls we want to show something more elegant, but not exaggerated. And here we go for boots over knees and wear them in combination with a knitted dress or a fluid. We choose some tresses in the color of the skin and for a more elegant air, we can see a few centimeters in the upper leg.

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Over the knee boots are still in trend this season, so make sure you complete your shoe collection with a pair. If you find it hard to wear, we’ll give you some ideas.
These boots are best suited to short skirts, A-shaped, but molded or pleated are good choices. Be careful, however, not to be too short, because then you will get a vulgar air. At such a thing, he never wore a decolletage. Instead, it opts for a blouse at the base of the neck and a jacket.

If you’re afraid to wear them with skirts, skinny jeans or shorts are just as good. Knee-high boots give you a sexy air with no effort, so you can wear them with some wider gowns that do not put your silhouette in value. You will thus create a balance with the bold boots. If you’re over the knee boots are tight, wear them with dark and molded pants. You can add volume and color to the top.

Long jackets or trenches look spectacular with boots over knees if you wear them with skirts or shorts. Be careful, however, to maintain the proportions: if you call for the multitude at the bottom, choose some wider blouses at the top.

Unusual and sexy, long boots over knees are an item that is difficult enough to create problems in choosing clothing or the right shape. The most important thing to keep in mind when buying such a model is how you value your silhouette. Generally, this type of boot is not intended for people with short or full shape – it is difficult to determine what means short or full shapes, since each figure has its harmony, but I do not recommend this type of shoe to minion women.
If you find yourself in this pattern, try to avoid them, as you will look smaller, and the extra pounds will be highlighted.

If you have a harmonious and well proportioned silhouette, but you are not tall, you wear very long boots, but choose some with a heel to keep the proportions. The low ones will not fit you.

The low patterns go with a pair of tights, a velvet shirt and jacket or an over-sized sweater. You can also choose a vivid midi dress.

High-heeled patterns fit them with a pair of shorts (medium length, 1-2 palms under the buttocks) in leather or tweed or a cloche skirt to the knees.

Try to avoid dresses and skirts very short or too molded, because this combination may result in a vulgar look.

As the autumn winter season announces one with very low temperatures, boots over knees will be not just a piece of resistance in your wardrobe, but also a hopeful ally in the fight with the cold!

Over the knee boots are versatile and if you buy them now, you can wear them even in the spring. The design of these leather boots can be minimalist or with statement elements – buckles, decorative zippers, etc. As far as color is concerned, choose black, brown, march or black / neutral – light gray, beige, brown, camel. So you can wear them to a larger variety of outfits and do not load too much your look.

Over the knee boots in strong colors are not necessarily the wrong choice, but you have to be more careful about what you wear, because you already have the wow element given by the shoe design. If, however, you want boots over red knee, green or in another impact color, try to keep the rest of the outfit in a neutral area to balance the outfit.

Here’s how to fit your boots over your knees in your casual outfits:

Boots with a long sweater

With or without a holster, a pair of knee boots can be worn along with a long and warm sweater. Not only will these boots protect you from cold, but they will also offer you a sexy alternative to regular boots.

Boots over your knees with a knitted dress

Knitted dresses are perfect in the winter, because they are thick enough to keep you warm and modern enough to give you a youthful air. On such a dress, you can wear a pair of knee-high boots in natural leather with a medium heel if you want to gain a few extra inches in height or with the sole, if you want more comfort in the days when you have many chores solved in the city.

Over the knee boots with skinny jeans

A pair of skinny jeans plus a pair of boots over knees means love at first glance. It is the ideal duo, whether you have an athletic silhouette or you are the fuller. For a stylish look, choose to wear black jeans with black leather boots or, if you have blue jeans, wearing camel boots, light gray or naked.