Orange Watches for Women 2019

Orange is the new black people say and the way it contrasts so well against dark colors makes it a popular choice in all sorts of design fields, including watchmaking. Orange begun to appear significantly in watch designs since 40 years ago. Today, even orange-tint patina that occurs from aging luminous material on older watches is desirable, so much so that many companies have taken to using aged-looking paints to give their watches the appearance of vintage.

Not everyone knows how to wear watches, since mistakes can be observed everywhere. Because it is an accessory more special than any other, that can attract a lot of attention, it is important to know how to wear it in different outfit combination. Anyway, generally speaking an orange watch is a casual one. So if you love to have a casual look choose without fear an orange watch.

Most of the time, watches are worn on the left hand, and this is true whether you are talking about women’s or men’s. The explanation for this statement comes in the following lines and is very simple. It’s about convenience and nothing else. Most people are right-handed, it is much easier to turn back the clock, to open or close the belt and generally it maneuver. Of course if left-handed people, just the opposite. Another argument for which it is advisable to wear the watch on his left hand, is that it will be somewhat protected from possible accidents, given that the right hand is used for all sorts of tasks more or less difficult.

Next “rule” on our list has to do with the size of a watch dial. Models of watches for women, do not meet very often oversized dials, because it assumes that women have smaller and delicate hands. And so actually we get where I wanted to get this topic: if you thin wrist, clock face you wear should not exceed the width of your wrist. Otherwise you risk to look like a child wearing a watch adults.

Orange now appears on all sorts of watches – sport watches primarily, but increasingly on more delicate casual-but-dressy watches, too, where a dynamic accent is the desired effect.

When orange dials and case accents are paired with orange straps, a whole new level of eye-catching enjoyment is achieved. The orange rubber strap is now very common on many watches.

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