Most Attractive Smartphones for Women 2015-2016

In general, women opt for phones with good design, which is tiny, discrete and have available a range of accessories such as covers or interchangeable faces. A plus is the dedicated and applications, while technical performance are easily overlooked by some women, but this is not a not a general rule. The phones have long surpassed the stage of simple equipment used to make emergency calls or to stay in a warm conversation with the mother or best friend. Today, mobile gadgets that are true of the most complicated and endowed, but with a precise purpose: to make our lives easier and, not least, beautiful.
But in fact what is a smartphone?
A smartphone is a mobile phone more functional and connectivity offering more advanced than a regular phone. Operating system, Internet connection, useful applications, access to social networks, Google maps, the order of a few gigabytes memory, large screen, touchscreen or QWERTY keyboard – everything to simplify your life as much as possible.

htc desire 2015-2016
HTC Desire is the direct competitor of the iPhone. Both sides say they do not compare, but the principle is the same. Screen huge touchscreen, memory that can reach up to 32 GB microSDHC cards by extending the applications that can be downloaded, Android operating system, internet and email, social networking and many other features that have not been thought necessary until you have used at least once.

Nokia E72
nokia e72
For those who can not give up Nokia, this brand really producing the most reliable phones on the market, the Finns have launched a series of smartphones her. Nokia E72 looks very much like appearance with Blackberry, built the same way, qwerty keyboard and scroll central. The strengths of the Nokia E72 battery that you are more and 5 mega pixels, given that other smartphone cameras are quite limited. And because all addresses of a business segment, Nokia E72 can read office documents and you can connect instantly to email addresses that you own.

iPhone 4S
iPhone 4S for women 2015-2016
The iPhone 4S, white, tends to be preferred by the fair sex, because glass casing. In addition to design, the phone has the most accessories available on the market, making it easy to match with clothes of any fashionista.

HTC One S for fashionista 2015-2016
The HTC One S is available in two color options, black and gradient ultra mat, phone casing of only 7.8 mm. Curved lines in pushing Slim design, is an ideal phone for small purses or bags envelope.

Sony Xperia U
Sony Xperia U, which enables the user to change the bottom surface with one pink phone is really attractive.