Mom Jeans

What are MOM jeans ?

A few years ago, when boyfriend jeans appeared, I felt like I had discovered America. Poisoned by so slim fit (we have nowadays), something light and comfortable appeared! And not only had it appeared in stores, it was also in trend. I remember that I took the path of the shops and with emotion in my soul I went into the first store to find my pair of boyfriend jeans, perfect for me. I tried and I still tried and what to see … I didn’t buy anything then … why? Well, simple, they were either too short or too broad in the legs. The idea is this: no matter what is in trend, the clothes should fit well on your bodies. With a triangular figure, with large hips, I cannot take something wide at the bottom and narrow at the top because I look deformed. The proportions must be exactly the opposite. Therefore, boyfriend jeans, for me are not ok, although late (after about 2 years) I still found some, narrow legs and not very wide, which I can wear them and feel good in them.

I made this introduction because mom jeans, which are in vogue this season, are somewhat younger brothers of boyfriend jeans. They are slightly wide on the foot, light and comfortable, but unlike their brothers, they have a high waist.
This season, MOM jeans are a MUST HAVE for those people who can wear them!

Best Mom Jeans

Made of denim in a light blue shade, these jeans were extremely fashionable in the ’80s and’ 90s, when they were worn nonchalantly by the mothers of the time, especially in the United States. The ladies of that time managed to create a classic and modern look, as they saw in the fashion magazines of the time, commercials, videos of famous stars or films with famous actresses.

Mom jeans are the jeans with a retro design, high waist and a relatively light foot (not as light as boyfriend jeans) make fur among fashion enthusiasts and although apparently, it is a difficult model to wear, we assure you that it is not only very versatile, but it can also benefit you perfectly. Mom jeans have stood the test of time and are some of the most appreciated pants of the moment. With a high waist and often the excess material in the area of ​​the hips or slippers, continuing a tapered leg, or, on the contrary, with a high waist and skinny waist down to the ankle, mom jeans are easy to wear and very versatile, being the one most often associated with sports and casual clothing, with modern or retro accents. Sure, “the mom jeans” are not new to fashion, but they are reinvented in this period to mix vintage air with current fashion. A pair of mom jeans is great for weak people, because they have the advantage of highlighting the shapes and back. These jeans models do not fit very well on a full or wide hips, rather favoring an hourglass figure or an athletic body. Mom jeans can give a relaxed and stylish look when worn properly.

How To Wear It :

1. In combination with other denim pieces

If you want a vintage and one of a kind look, at the same time, choose to wear these mom jeans in combination with other denim pieces. Specifically, either with a denim shirt or a jacket made of the same material. If you are afraid that you might have a banal look, throw in some accessories or unique details, and the effect will be not at all boring. For example, colorful shoes, a large bag with a very lively print, some nice brooches or a special buckle strap.

2. With long jackets

Choosing to pair these mom jeans with a long jacket or fabric (like the bra), you create a sophisticated look that will take you out of anonymity. He wears the jacket unmatched, so jeans can be seen, he adds either flat-soled shoes or a heel, and introduces into the equation bold accessories such as sunglasses, oversized envelopes or colored belts.

3. With oversized blouses

Even if these denim pants are usually a large cut, this does not mean that they cannot be combined with oversized blouses. On the contrary, the final effect of this combination of mom jeans and an oversized blouse is a modern and very pleasing to the eye, but the condition is to put the blouse in the pants in the front area. You will have a light and very relaxed appearance.

4. Together with a leather jacket

The leather jacket is one of those timeless items that does nothing but become, like wines, more valuable from year to year. Combined with a pair of jeans like this, the jacket will turn your outfit into a very cool one, and denim pants will be even better highlighted with her help.

5. With sports shoes

One of the best fit is also the one between mom jeans and sports shoes. If they are white, the best color for this type of footwear, the better. In this combination you can play in the same way and face, because the rest of the outfits can be very versatile: plain or striped shirts, long sleeve, short jackets, wide or camouflage, loose fit sweaters or white cotton shirts.

How To Wear Mom Jeans According To Your Style

Mom jeans in smart casual outfit

If you are lucky enough to work in a company that does not require a certain dress code or simply if you want to give a slightly sophisticated look to your casual outfit, then do not hesitate to wear your mom a pair of jeans with classic shirts and blazers. with male influences.

Feminine outfits with mom jeans

Of course you can get an outfit with feminine accents, even if you wear a pair of mom jeans instead of skirts. You should not miss stiletto shoes, thick heels, lace tops, statement glam necklaces, an artificial fur coat or blouses of precious materials.

Mom jeans in casual combinations

If the figure allows you, wear a pair of mom jeans with sneakers and short boots, without heels. Combine them with simple blouses, without prints or applications that will overload your outfit. Take advantage of the popularity of “normcore” and wear your pair of mom jeans with oversized overcoats, wide blouses and possibly a beanie on the head.

How Do We Choose The Right Pair Of Mom Jeans?

There are three essential criteria to consider in choosing the perfect pair of mom jeans, which make the difference between an actual pair of jeans and one whose appearance can create an outdated look, which we do not want:

     1.The perfect pair of mom jeans should have that “perfect wash” look. Think blue or white, for example.
     2.The ankles should be left visible. If the pair of jeans is too long, it can be easily folded once or twice.
     3.The top of the mom jeans doesn’t have to be extremely slim on the body, like skinny jeans. There should be enough room at the waist to feel comfortable even after a hearty lunch.