Mohair Jumpers For Women

The mohair jumper has, for various reasons, achieved the status of the basic piece essential for the hibernate wardrobe. Sweater weather or the weather of sweaters, those pieces of the year in which we were sliding towards the warmth of spring or sneaking in the autumn cold. When you’re cold, if you’re hot, you’re shooting a sweater, a jersey, a sweater, the knitted coat that you’re pulling hard on. I love the knitwear, but vintage sweaters are in my search for a few years.

The knitwear, especially those in thick, large-meshed, thick waistline, so those with a full silhouette avoid them, instead choose the thin jerseys to overlay. Stay away from pullovers at the base of your neck or those on the neck that create a compact mass in the breast area and will grow optically. Carefully pick up your accessorized, bulky, or too narrow sweaters. Arrange those with a deep boot or V neckline, which lets you see a little bit of breasts, join them in skirts or wide trousers, even dresses. It is very important that you are the right measures, neither too big nor too small. Be careful not to be long, but to half the hip. The “strangled” effect suffered by many of you is caused by too tight pants, ending with a strap, and on top a thin sweater that fits over all the coasters, possibly on the bottom.

Ascetics: But at the opposite side are those with longiline silhouettes that can create shapes with thick sweaters worn with the belt. Also in the same league are sweaters with torsades or other embossed patterns, tassels or embroidery, all create the impression of the silhouette with shapes, especially if worn with slim pants or pencil skirts. In order not to unbalance your silhouette, keep the correct proportions, the sweaters too wide and too thick, will turn into a spider with incredibly thin hands and feet, compared to the inflected torso.

Slim versus thick: Beyond warmth, comfort, sweaters is a kind of T-shirt replacement in the winter wardrobe. The thin knit, united, classic, neckline neckline or V-shaped knit are the foundation of a closet. They will help you in the office with a pretty contentious dress and outside, but the thick sweatshirts with Scandinavian models, those with tassels, metallic ones, vintage embroidery and sequins are reserved for creative jobs and especially free time.

If you were putting on or just talking about a mohair sweater 5 years ago, well, you probably would not have received too many words of praise for fluffy knitwear.

One of the articles that seemed buried forever in the 1980s and 1990s returned to the podium some more than a year ago, and seems determined to stay. Alexander Wang and Givency brought the mohair sweaters back on trend in the winter of 2012 and to this day, they remain in the top of knitwear sales. If at the beginning of his return the mohair sweater came in multicolored patterns or in more or less inspired gradients, in 2014 it comes in a slightly different form. The store offer is wide and includes classic, masculine, oversized models with well-rounded or deep-necked collars. There have disappeared the irritating patterns of melange of mohair and angora yarns, being replaced by silk threads. Good news for those of you with sensitive skin.

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