Midi Skirts Fall 2020

Midi Skirt This Fall 2020

This fall, if you haven’t started already, we suggest you include midi skirt in outfits. It can work well in almost any type of outfit – minimalist, office, casual or retro. Wear it with a long or short cashmere sweater, oversized jacket, or one with a masculine cut, shirts and suitcases.

Colored or in a unique hue, with a bulky or conical bell, the midi skirt overflows with femininity and refinement precisely because of the length that inspires elegance. From the outset, we want to make it clear that the skirt is not only the symbol of elegance, on the contrary, a midi skirt from a less precious and properly accessorized material can be worn in a casual, super stylish way.

First of all, the midi skirt is the mid-length skirt, below the knee or up to the middle of the leg, a model that has the advantage of highlighting the romantic and feminine side of each woman, but at the same time to hide the small imperfections if worn properly .

A Few Tips:

With Sweater

The sweater, will be in your wardrobe this season, so why not wear it with a midi skirt? Choose a tartan skirt or a heavy fabric if you choose a slim fit sweater.

Over Pants

If you have a midi skirt from a transparent material, you can integrate it into an outfit from an opposite register, as in the example below, where the romantic-inspired skirt and leather pants complement each other as harmoniously as possible.

With A Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is living its second age on the trend list, so you can still wear it, and the midi skirt is one of those pieces that will help give it a very current look.

With Oversized Sweater

You already know that oversized sweaters are in high demand for several seasons now and most likely you have a small collection from last year. And if you have worn jeans so far, we suggest you give them a chance to wear midi skirts as well.

With Sport Jacket

It’s the perfect time for this mix, choose a jacket with clean cut and associate it with a dress in a dull hue, it can be white or black and keep the color scheme in the rest. You will get a sophisticated outfit only good to integrate into the versatile autumn outfits.