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The novelty of this autumn-winter season is calculated according to the length of the skirt: neither too short nor too long. Midi is the term that defines the new feminine sensuality, which reveals a little of the lace and completely discovers the ankles.

The history of the midi dress began in the 1920s when, for the first time in the centuries, the long dress with hem up to the floor began to descend from the podium. The war was over, and the world was like a nightclub: the economy began to move slowly, the ankles of the women were moving in dance rhythms, the dressing waistlines began to descend, and the victorious Victorian era of the corsets was blurred every day. Coco Chanel, already noted in the VIP ranges, has already told people to start living a little longer.

But then, suddenly, out of the blue, in 1929 hit the Great Depression. This was also the time when the age of the midi skirt and dress began to take its toll. She started shy, with a longer traditional midi skirt over her buttock, but without touching her wrist. In the 1940s, the midi dress began to shorten, reaching the 50s to a wide variety of pencils or A-line cutlets. Since then, the midi dress has been preserved in more and more models, evolving constantly with the cultural context, to this day.

Here are some of the models of midi dress that could fit perfectly even your style! Be confident and wearing midi dresses at any time of the day!

Fancy dress, midi dress is the indispensable piece of your wardrobe this season. Vogue magazine calls it “a new feminine sensuality.” Inspired by fashion in the 1960s, the midi dress has been specially created to highlight the feminine silhouette in a subtle and sensual way, without revealing too much “spot” skin. The midi dress reveals the ankle and leaves a part of the collar in sight. Properly worn is the dress that creates an elongating effect of the silhouette. Learn to choose the dress suitable for your typology and you will fall in love with this model this spring!

For mignon silhouettes it is recommended that the midi dress does not exceed the knees more than one palm, and if you are tall it can be up to half the calf. If you have large hips accessorizes the top with a scarf or choose a midi dress in thin vertical stripes. The apple-style silhouette is favored by a V-necked pattern, and the straight-shaped pattern with a more straight and lightweight cut.

Midi dresses are the saving solution at any time and for any type of event. You wear them in the office, at a brunch or an outing with your girlfriends, and in the evenings you can turn them into a cocktail or dinner dresses, accessorized with jewelry, shoes and evening bags. If you are wondering how to wear a midi dress, first of all, it might be useful to define what is actually a midi dress. From a technical point of view, “midi” is a term used to designate any dress or skirt with a hem that stops halfway between the knee and ankle.

However, the gown that ends right under the knee fits and fills in several types of silhouette. For this reason, it is found more often in stores.

From a stylistic point of view, the midi dresses are the most profitable for women who want to be elegant and stylish both at work and after the end of the program. These dresses fit any style and nicely highlight the line of the legs. Their advantage is that they fit easily with almost any type of shoe. If you want to adopt such an outfit, you should be careful if you match it with low-heeled shoes because this length tends to give the illusion that the height of the silhouette is decreasing optically. These midi dresses look very beautiful on women with thin ankles, who want to highlight them beautifully.