Men’s Winter Boots 2020

Winter Boots – essential piece

Winter boots are the first essential piece of mountain equipment. On the mountain without them you can not, and their choice is not an easy job at all, especially if you are at the first pairs of mountain boots.

Important Tips

Four tips to know how to choose mountain boots are necessary and useful to both the most inconvenient and those who are skillful (because they will have the confirmation or completion of the strategy they apply when buying mountain boots).

1. Do not appreciate the quality of mountain boots by price. The price is a good criterion, in general terms, but do not choose your mountain boots by price only. There are brands that offer exceptional quality and comfort at a price that can be 10-15% lower than other “famous” ones. What matters is: the materials used, the sewing and how you stand in them. Often smaller manufacturers have products of exceptional quality at lower prices than similar names of large names.

2. The first pair of boots must be in the “3 seasons” category. If you are in the position to buy a pair of mountain boots choose from the category “3 seasons” (you can wear it in spring, summer and autumn) and do not get close to the winter boots (4 seasons – heavy and really good only in winter tours), but also by mountain boots, no matter how much the manufacturers praise them. Mountain boots may be the second pair of mountain shoes, but never the first.

3. Search, until you reach 3-4 pairs who are comfortable and fit you. What matters and you have to evaluate between a pair and others are some essential features. Mountain boots must be impermeable. On the boot details a serious producer writes this and what are the waterproofing limits of the boot. The sole of the boot is fundamental. The ideal is the vibram soles that ensure adhesion and stability, which supports the foot and sustains the effort of a long walk and has anti-shock properties. Another key criterion is the boot itself that needs to have as few stitches as possible. Boots must be comfy, as light as possible – is one of its basic features. There are no lightweight boots (the ideal weight is somewhere between 600 and 800 grams) but their weight must be reasonable and comfortable.

4. Do not go on the mountain with new boots. Bear at least 40-50 hours before leaving with them in the mountains. Do not buy boots that have been on the shelf for more than a year. Do not buy “opportunity” boots. Purchase only from genuine stores and requires warranty confirmation. Buy what you like, which makes you feel.

Choosing and matching a pair of boots to men is a true art. We evaluate a man after shoes, which is why we consider education to be vital.

3  boots that every man needs to have

There are 3 big boots that every man needs to know: Chelsea, Lace-Up and Chukka.

Chelsea boots
chelsea boots for men 2020

The history of this type of boots goes back to the Victorian era when men and women wore them for the first time. Queen Victoria shook such boots daily. In the 1960s they became viral around the world thanks to the famous Beatles band. The members of the band wore a special version of these footwear, created specifically for them, with sharp and Cuban heels. As design features, the Chelsea boots are free of laces and are elastically fitted at the top, which keeps them tight on the ankle. Thus, for men walking a lot, these shoes are the ideal option, they are tight and comfortable at the same time. Chelsea boots are recommended in both formal and occasional situations; can be worn with a suit or a blazer, with elegant pants or jeans. They are good to wear at almost any occasion, the key of their assortment is to choose the right color.

Lace-Up Boots

lace up boots 2020

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This type of shoe is actually a tall, up-to-ankle version of the stylish shoe with shoe. The first pair of such boots was carried by Prince Albert, who asked him to make some practical shoes for the cold season to wear on his Scottish and yet elegant items. Traditionally, these shoes are made of leather, but an imitation of quality leather is now accepted. Lace-Up boots are an excellent alternative to Oxford or Balmoral shoes with the same grade. They fit in casual and business wear. Wearing a Lace-Up pair denotes style, elegance and intelligence. These shoes can add a touch of style even to simple and anesthetic clothing.

Chuck Boots
Chuck Boots for men 2020

It is believed that these boots were worn in the 1920s by English soldiers playing Polo. In fact, the name “chukker” denotes playing time in Polo matches. They became popular in the late 1940s, being adopted in casual wear and sports. The shoes are made of rough leather and a sole, the two elements contrasting in color. The comfort offered is their main attribute. Of all kinds of boots, these are the lightest, most flexible and comfortable. Another advantage is their versatility; they can be worn in both light jeans, jeans and T-shirts, as well as in more elegant outfits such as a jacket and a trouser.