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During summer, eye area is prone to wrinkles. So the sunglasses come to us for help. They should be chosen with great care, the lenses should have a protective factor and be special for the sun without affecting our vision. In order not to create discrepancies between glasses and wearers, they must be chosen according to the face physiognomy. The perfect solution for glasses suitable for physiognomy is balancing.

Sunglasses are an accessory with a double role: aesthetic, completing a well chosen outfit and practical, protecting our eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. Wearing the right sunglasses, you will reduce the chances of affecting the retina and the number of wrinkles from maturity, because you will not be constantly narrow enough to see something in full sunlight. Even when you turn to the most beautiful cheap sunglasses, it’s essential to choose quality sunglasses with a real and certified protection filter and not just colored plastic. The latter keeps your pupils open in front of the sun without providing real protection, which is worse than if you did not wear them at all.

Lenses: In this category, you have to look at two things: the material they are made of and the shade they have. Typically, the lenses are made of plastic, the glass being very rare due to the risk of breakage. A material with better strength and filtration capacity, but a bit more expensive, is polycarbonate. The color of the lenses depends on what you do, but it is generally safe to choose the lenses that allow you to see the other colors – gray, green, brown. Blue lowers visibility, which is why it is not recommended if you drive, and pink is a very comfortable eye color. Degraded shades improve visibility at the bottom of the lens, which can be useful for reading or driving.

Special features: polarized lenses block some of the reflected light and are useful when viewing large stretches of reflective surface – high, road. Lens protection against scratches can be increased if manufacturers still apply a layer of polymers on the surface. Photo-chromatic lenses are those that turn dark in sunlight and open in the shade; are useful if you wear eyeglasses, but keep in mind that it takes a few minutes to reach the optimum color of the environment.

1. Look for the CE mark. This marking indicates that the lenses meet European standards.

2. Look for a special label that tells you that lenses block 99% – 100% of ultraviolet rays type A and B.

3. Remember that it is more harmful for your eyes to wear glasses that do not block UV rays than to wear at all.

4. Choose the glasses that fit your physiognomy; the stronger the nose, the more the rays of sunlight penetrate behind the lenses, towards the eyes.

5. Plastic lenses are often more effective than glass lenses, not counting as being harder to break.

6. Do not be fooled by the price. If glasses are more expensive, it does not mean they offer more protection, but they are probably more fashionable.

7. The best lenses are brown or amber-colored.

8. Dark lenses do not give you better protection. What protects against ultraviolet rays is a film on the surface of the lens, not its color.

9. Dark eyes should be protected more carefully than dark ones.

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