Mens Hats 2020

Where And How Did The Hats Appear?

Have you ever asked yourself the questions: where and how did the hats appear? Who first posed for this wonderful accessory? Who started making them and from what? If not, find out all these details by reading the information below. One of the first images in which a hat appears is a picture of a tomb in Thebes, which shows a man wearing a straw hat. Other early hats were the pileus, a simple cap; Phrygian cap, worn by slaves freed from Greece and Rome; and the fat Greek, the first hat with a known edge.

Men’s Hats Styles 2020

A hat is an object used to cover the head for several reasons. It can be worn as protection against certain elements, for religious or ceremonial reasons, for safety or as a fashion accessory. In the past, hats were an indicator of social status.

Types Of Hats

Hats were an indicator of social status, however, they have the role of protecting the head from cold and sun, depending on the season. Therefore, the head should be covered by a hat. Let us show you the types of hats.


It is the name of a company founded in 1857 by Giuseppe Borsalino who was originally known for his Fedora hats. Borsalino then became famous for the business hats produced and the quality felt used that was made from Belgian rabbit fur.


It is a bent hat along the top and strapped in front and on the sides. The hat appeared as an accessory reserved for aristocrats at the end of the 19th century. Its name comes from the title of a play written in 1882 in which the main heroine appeared on stage wearing a hat similar to what we now call “fedora”. On the screen was carried by Humphrey Bogart (Casablanca, The Maltese Falcon). There is no rule for wearing a fedora hat nowadays, they are usually chosen according to preferences or according to the season. Men wear hats to complete an outfit, a look or a certain style and they are still the symbol of a well-dressed man. This hat is worn by men in suits as well as by those wearing jeans and leather jackets.
When it comes to choosing a fedora hat, you need to think about when to wear it and on what occasions. It is worn with the front edge at the eyebrows or slightly left on the left or right side. From the moment it appeared, the fedora hat was a symbol of class and elegance. Match a classic fedora with a suit and overcoat and you’ll look millions. Some also wear it with jeans. Try different combinations until you find the most comfortable outfits.


It comes to our surprise, from Ecuador, but is seen every year at the Wimbledon tennis tournament, as it has a very functional role, protecting the heads of men from the scorching sun. The original Panama hats can be worn so that they are put in your pocket, or entered through a ring. Theodore Roosevelt wore a Panama hat in 1904, during a visit to the Panama Canal yard. The straws used to make the Panama hat do not have the light white hue that you are probably used to. They go through a bleaching process with the help of chemicals. They are said to loosen the fabric and over time the hat will show signs of wear. If the straws were not bleached over time, they would change their hue to something darker. It’s a perfectly normal thing. Some people prefer this kind of personality to a hat. Depending on the fineness of the straw braid you can tell the attention paid to the product, and this can be seen in the final price of the hat. You can see this from how thin the straws used are.


This hat made history in particular through association with American gangsters, but was introduced by the Prince of Wales after a visit to Germany. It is a hard hat, with a recess that divides the cap into two parts, medium width brim, turned. Among the personalities who wore it are Sir Winston Churchil. Also, Al Pacino had countless appearances with such a hat. It is a model as classic as Fedora, except that in this model, the colors are limited, and this gives maximum elegance to the outfit you want to approach. This hat is available in colors such as black, gray, brown, blue and charcoal.

How You Wear The Hat

In ancient times, people devised various solutions to cover their head and to keep it out of the cold or the sun; thus, in prehistoric times, they used the skin or fur of an animal for this purpose. Later, hats were born, a symbol of freedom, which were worn by slaves freed from control.
Today, however, we have a lot of types of hats that we can wear not only to protect us from the sun or the cold, but also to give the outfits a chic, mysterious or elegant look.
Choosing an accessory full of personality, such as the hat, requires special attention. Here are some helpful tips for men who want to wear a hat with style!
For the cold season, thick-textured hats, such as those made of wool, leather or fur, are best suited. These materials, very high quality, will ensure the desired thermal comfort throughout the day and, in addition, you will get a very sophisticated air wearing them.
Regarding the color, the ideal hats for autumn-winter are black, brown, green or even gray. Preserves very colorful patterns for summer outfits. Also, for the hot season, choose straw hats, fedora or panama, which will help you get a chic and refined look.
Did you know that not only choosing the hat, but also how you wear it matters? Well, it is believed that this accessory reflects the mood of the wearer. Thus, if you want to keep a mysterious air, place it as close to the eye, while, if you want to look like an open person, wear the hat slightly to the back. Lift it about 1 inch above its straight line to get a businessman-worthy look.
A man’s hat can be worn in both elegant outfits and street outfits. Without a doubt, this is an essential accessory for a day at the beach or for a yacht party look. Choose the model that suits your style but also the occasion and you will look like millions wearing a hat!