Men’s Duffle Coats 2020

The duffle coat could be considered to be a staple of any men’s wardrobes. And that is justified, through its many qualities. It is versatile, chic and elegant when it is necessary.

Short History

It’s origins is back into the 19th century. Origin of the word is in Belgian town Duffel, a municipality in the Belgian province of Antwerp. The town gives its name to a heavy woollen cloth used to make overcoats, especially in the armed forces, and various kinds of luggage. So, yes, we are talking about the duffle coat. The etymology of Duffel is from “dubro” and “locus”, from the Gaulish dubrum, dubron – “water”.

Let’s see some of the most important features which makes this coat so distinctive from the other:

# in generally it is made from wood, that is truly it keeps very warm
# mostly color is blue, of course you can find models in black, brown, or even green
# it has a hood, it gives protection from wind and comfort
# this coat has a precise length, this is a proper one for that type of garment
# very large and special buttons, perhaps the most important feature of this model range
# a specific design, you will see it only at this coats.
# 2 large pockets on the outside

Here are a few nice suggestions of duffle coats :

Original Montgomery Mens Wooden Toggles Duffle Coat
Original Montgomery Mens Wooden Toggles Duffle Coat

This coat has a wonderful tailoring, and comes in a large range of colors: camel hair, black, brown, or blue. The coat is very well finished. It wears very easily over some heavy sweaters and thick tweed jackets, also you will notice a nifty inside pocket for small things (gloves, coins, etc.), a roomy hood with adjustable opening that stays flat on one’s back when stowed away and not in use. Of course it also has two large outer pockets (as in the original, without flaps) so that you can easily put in them whatever you wish to have handy. The right length – down to the knees, so that any movement, including scaling ladders is easy.

BGSD Men’s ‘Nathan’ Wool Blend Patch Pocket Short Toggle Coat
2018 duffle coats

This is a nice a wool-blend melton short duffle coat with traditional toggle-loop and removable hood details retains a classic form. Insulated polyester filling adds extra warmth for cold winter.
Feels pretty well made. There’s a lining that separates the side entry from the rest of the pocket so it’s like having even more. I love the way the hood is removable and the style of this coat. And the inside pocket. It does help keep warm. Worth to notice its zip front and toggle closure and one interior pocket, plus a polyester insulated lining.

Cole Haan Men’s Italian Wool-Blend Duffle Coat with Removable Hood
best mens duffle 2018

This is a wonderful coat for sure. Notice its sleeves which are long enough to leave some slack in case you need hemming. A great and versatile coat all in one.

COACH Mens Crosby Wool Duffle Coat

best duffle 2018

COACH Mens Crosby Wool Duffle Coat is a nice, elegant and beautiful coat which can, in any moment to complete your daily outfit. It is that kind of coat which can be very helpful in any situation, no matter which is your social status or age, a great option, also at any age.

Cole Haan Men’s Boiled Wool Toggle Duffle Coat with Removable Hood and Rib Knit Interior Collar
best quality duffle coat 2018

With nice removable hood and rib knit interior collar this is a very beautiful quality duffle coat. Yes, I mention quality, because, truly is, a very qualitative design and not only. If you look for a perfect coat and the price is not an issue for you, then look no more, because Cole Haan Men’s Boiled Wool Toggle Duffle Coat is the right choice.

Liveinu Men’s Wool Blend Patch Pocket Short Toggle Duffle Coat

2018 duffle

This is an interesting piece, with two lower flap pockets at side entry and toggle closure. It looks amazing and it is very useful.

BGSD Men’s ‘Benjamin’ Wool Blend Classic Duffle Coat

best duffle for men 2018

This coat is marvelous, is made with good materials, including a metal zipper that glides easily, an insulated lining with three inside pockets (one with a zipper and one to hold a cell phone). The hood is detachable. Attention has generally been paid to the details, which is absolutely great.

Gloverall Men’s Slim Duffle Coat
2018 coat

This is a wonderful coat ( made of a heavy wool blend with a roughened surface ) with nice features like: it closes with four duffel made of buffalo horn and a button at the waist,
two open front pockets and one inside pocket and removable storm collar.

LAMARQUE Men’s Henry Italian Wool Duffle Coat with Lambskin Trim

qualitative duffle coat 2017-2018

LAMARQUE Men’s Henry Italian Wool Duffle Coat is another great and qualitative piece which can easily complete your outfit. Of course, being a top product it has a price range pretty high. This coat has also nice features like: full front wind flap with toggle closure, zip and flap double pockets at waist, removable hood and leather piping details.

Marc New York by Andrew Marc Men’s Kyle Toggle Duffle Coat
2018 gents coat

This is for sure a nice and versatile coat, perfect for any day. You can easily wear it over a shirt, a large sweater, maybe or even a T-shirt. Of course the rest of the outfit it depends a lot on the weather temperatures or your day to day activities. The advantage of this duffle coat (and not only this one) is the fact that it is ready for you in any moment of the day, no matter where you go, or no matter your personal style. Indeed, it is truly great for a casual, or even for a an elegant meeting. This piece is truly amazing, it manages to help you a lot in building a fine, comfortable and chic look. A duffle coat is a fine solution and it is (as I mention above) extremely versatile to be perfect for anybody.