Maxi Skirt 2020

Maxi skirt 2020 has equal parts of casual and feminine touch therefore is easy to wear on the weekend with a wrist full of bracelets or morning when you rush sandals with straps low.
This skirt can get you out somewhere and elegant with a simple change of shoes and accessories.
Whatever you do with it, a fitting pencil skirt will make you look the business, but pulling from a relaxed skirts to the ground stakes dampens the appeal of fashion, comfort and versatility.
Better yet, this trend is one that refuses to leave the game.

Under no circumstances we will wear with heels! Regardless of heel height, thickness, or any other detail. This type of skirts are a good team with low footwear: sandals, ballet flats, boots rock, even a pair of sneakers.
Try not to clutter the visual outfit. Sufficient scale and volume of the skirt and should not unnecessarily load your look. So, choose to wear skirt with as few pieces of clothing. A basic shirt, a sweater or a romantic striped blouse can be the perfect choice to complement the outfit.
Because now we can enjoy very high temperatures, choose to wear a maxi skirt or with a leather jacket or a cardigan.
Do not forget the accessories: wide-brimmed hats, bracelets and even large rings can complete such a beautiful dress.
Avoid wearing maxi skirts 2020 with blazers or long cardigans, they will distort the visual proportions and we do not want that at all.

In this season maxi skirts 2020 are rich in colors: blue, green, turquoise, raspberry, red, black and white, floral, stripes, animal prints, asymmetrical, straight, narrow or very large. With such a variety of styles, you will surely find something to your liking.

High girls who want to look more tiny maxi skirts should wear two colors separated by a horizontal line. Some shoes without heels, a short blazer or bolero will help create a suitable look.

If you are not very tall I recommend them to wear only skirts straight, which elongate the figure, always with heels. To create the impression of long legs, opt for a pair of stiletto shoes with pointed tip, and a skirt that ends immediately above ankles, leaving them naked.

Over the past years, maxi skirts 2020 were especially dedicated to special events, year-round parties, banquets, weddings, etc. Fortunately, in the last seasons, the maxi skirts 2020 has become more and more a suitable clothing item for the ordinary days