Maxi Dress With Sleeves 2016

Today I want to introduce you types of dresses that any of us should hold personal wardrobe. After all who does not like to throw a dress on it quickly, be it casual or super-fit. A dress that makes you feel good it will go where you want and be with you a long time.
What’s more comfortable in summer than a maxi dress worn with sandals flats? Nobody is judging you if you want to wear the same outfit as the summer is long, but it can quickly become boring. To enjoy the comfort and effortless chic air that you offer it, we wanted to help you find new ways to wear your maxi dresses.

Accessorized properly, maxi dresses can be worn from morning to evening, from office to cocktail or picnic. First, you choose a dress printed, complies with the general rule that takes into account the height-size print.

For example, if you are petite, opt for small prints, delicate. Otherwise, the prince will ruin the image of the dress attire, crashes into the opposite extreme of bad taste.

Choose if you’re petite, prints vertical stripes type, which lengthen and give a feeling of thinning.
You will not go wrong if you choose dresses in neutral colors, ideal for both day and for evening, for example black, brown, gray, white, navy. These colors and their derivatives go almost any combination.
Maxi dress can be put into value using appropriate shoes. Vacations, long dress is matched perfectly with a pair of sandals low.

Such a dress are a perfect choice for a bohemian look, versatile and elegant. You can wear maxi dress in the park, on the beach at a cocktail party or a concert. You can combine this dress with bulky accessories, gladiator sandals, belt and even a leather or denim jacket.

Prints monochrome or libertine, ruffled or ethnic style maxi dress is a must-have of the season regardless of body shape.

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