Long Cardigan 2020

Long Cardigans 2020

For sure every women want to be in trend, and if it possible to dress very comfortable. For a very nice and special look you can try long cardigan. This piece is very interesting, it looks very chic and will surely become your favorite piece of outfit. A long cardigan it is more than perfect in any moment. Important, is, to manage to find out proper combinations.


A long cardigan has a lot of wonderful qualities which makes it a very fine and desirable investment. From it’s many interesting and useful qualities you will surely love the fact that it is very cosy. Another nice characteristic is versatility. Well, yes, indeed, versatility is essential. This feature gives you the possibilities to wear it in such different moments of a day. Or, if you want even at the evening. Also, worth to say that you could wear it in multiple outfit combo’s.

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Some specialists (more or less) stated that long cardigans are not so proper for very young women. That is not a correct opinion. On the contrary if you are a very young women you should have in your wardrobe a long cardigan. Of course, you will also need creativity. Well, yes, indeed you need in order to manage to find out the best possible combinations. If you will manage to do that, then you will have a perfect and chic look.

Your wardrobe must be capable to offer you a lot of interesting option, no matter which is your day to day wardrobe. Which is great let’s face it. In order to achieve that you must own interesting, cosy and especially versatile pieces. A long cardigan is such a piece, it manage to posses all the desirable qualities.

How To Wear Long Cardigans

No wonder it’s everyone’s favorite. Cardigans can highlight almost any outfit, represent the color of an outfit and are simply extremely easy to match in almost any style of clothing. In addition to classic cardigans, a new “species” of cardigans is raging in Hollywood: long cardigans. They have the same advantages as those up to the waist, but they also give you greater protection against low temperatures and a more interesting and chic look.

In casual outfits

Casual clothing is perhaps the most popular when it comes to matching long cardigans. A pair of jeans, a top or a simple day dress, appear in a completely different light if matched with a long cardigan. Also, the cardigan is a perfect option for days when you are not sure how cold the weather will be, because it is more versatile than a jacket and no doubt, more comfortable than a closed sweater. Remember that if your outfit is in neutral tones, the cardigan can be in a bright, cheerful color, but if your outfit is already multicolored, a simple cardigan, in a neutral color is the perfect choice.

In glam-rock outfits

Did you think that if your style is a little more eccentric then a long cardigan would not fit? If you like this style of dress, opt for a gray cardigan and not a black one, because the shades of gray are as easy to match as the black, but they are not as harsh as this and add an extra elegance.

At the office

Long cardigans are of course also an almost indispensable clothing item for service outfits. If a more strict dress code is required at your workplace, take inspiration from Rachel Zoe’s stylish outfit and choose an office dress, a matte dress and a long cardigan, in a neutral shade, which contrasts with your outfit. . In contrast, if any style of work is allowed on the job, you can wear the cardigan with a pair of pants or jeans, a women’s blouse or a simple shirt. The cardigan with drawstring accentuates your waist and gives you an extra femininity.

A long cardigan is a fabulous choice, of course you must be a little careful at the combinations.