Leather Pants Outfits 2021

Leather Pants

In a big trend this year, as they were last year, the leather pants outfits 2021 are stubborn not to be detonated from the podium of the obligatory clothes from any stylish wardrobe. Leather pants have returned to the attention of great designers and thus on store shelves. They are up to date again and you should also have a pair in your wardrobe.


Whether we are talking about natural or Eco-friendly leather, these pants are extremely versatile and match the smart-casual style wonderfully. For a date, a more demanding dinner or event, wear them with a ripped sweater or blouse, or with bright threads. Black or nude shoes are the best choice. You can also try an extra fluffy white sweater and a pair of silver chandelier earrings.

With Denim Jacket And Sneakers

For a lighter style, keep in mind that these pants go great with white denim jacket and sneakers. A classic duo with rock influences that can be the starting point for a multitude of outfits. The details will make the difference between a dull outfit or one that will attract all eyes, so you can confidently add a spectacular necklace or you can choose a pair of sneakers.

Avant-garde style with slightly flared crop leather pants

While the minimalist style is rather associated with luxury and elegance, combined in a sporty-elegant look, with slightly flared crop leather pants, something super cool and more than current might come out. Take a sporty blouse dress with an asymmetrical 2-in-1 look – a sports sweatshirt top with ruffles and a black and white geometric print from the veil as a dress at the bottom. Add a pair of black crop-type leather pants, three-quarters. He wears everything with heels. You will get a fresh, avant-garde look, out of the ordinary, non-conformist and much admired!

Leather Pants, Symbol Of Rebellion

Long time ago, there were times when leather clothing was vital to survival. The reason was that it provided protection against external factors and kept warm. They first appeared on the catwalk in the ’60s of the last century, along with the unrivaled hippie current.
The other “camp” of the rockers adopted this dress item for a short time forever. Regardless of trends, leather pants will always remain an icon for young people, especially in their teens. I bring a sense of freedom and rebellion regardless of generation and styles.

How To Wear Leather Pants Depending On The Shape Of The Body

If you have wide hips – Having wide hips is not a disadvantage, but simply a feature of your body. However, when it comes to leather pants, the right ones are recommended. Even if you are thin, skinny pants will not benefit you, because they will highlight your hips even more (being molded) and you will look disproportionate. Instead, you can choose pants that fall straight on the leg. Shorts above the ankle will not benefit you either, because they will visually shorten your legs.

If you are thin with long legs – In this case, it is more than obvious that you can wear any model you prefer. However, skinny pants benefit you a lot.

If you have short legs – In this case, things are quite simple: avoid pants with the hem above the ankles. If you saw a pair that you fell in love with and that you want with all your heart, you can resort to a trick: wear them with shoes with high or very high heels, which should be the same color as the pants. You should also pay close attention to the waist of this model: opt for high-waisted pants, not low-rise ones. If your waist is narrow and your pants are low, it is very likely that they, even if they are your size, will slip and thus your underwear will be exposed. In this case, wear a blouse that covers the hips.

If you are a little chubby – If you are in this situation, straight, classic leather pants are recommended for you. You should know that leather pants are extremely pretentious and, choosing a model at random, you could make one of the biggest clothing mistakes. This model highlights all the imperfections of your body, which you would normally like to hide. If you do not have a figure pulled through the ring, on the contrary, you fight with a few extra pounds, choose pants that fall straight on the leg and avoid tight and moldy ones.

What Can You Wear With Leather Pants:

  • a denim blouse or shirt
  • a light top or a transparent veil blouse
  • a jacket, shirt or jacket with a classic cut.

What To Avoid When Wearing Leather Pants

There are some rules that tell you what to avoid when wearing leather pants. For example, if you do not have the dimensions 90-60-90, avoid the flared models, but also with the right ones. Avoid short blouses, clothes that stick to all body lines. Always look for contrast, so choose blouses or long and wide shirts, preferably in folds.
Also, whatever size you have, avoid choosing leather pants in strident colors: red, neon shades, yellow or green. Always choose black, brown, navy or soft and cool colors. You will be elegant without heeding!

Must Have

If you haven’t upgraded your wardrobe yet, go to the list of must-have items and a pair of leather pants. You will be amazed at how many ways you can wear them.

Leather Pants Outfits 2021
Leather Pants Outfits 2021
Leather Pants Outfits 2021
Leather Pants Outfit
Leather Pants Outfit