Learn To Walk In High Heels

The foot looks different, and you feel taller and much, much sexier due to the heels. You know this, for sure, because otherwise you wouldn’t have shoes in your wardrobe with dazzling heels. For a long time I considered that heel walking is not for everyone (and of course not for me!). Because of an innate grace that only some women have, or rather a superpower – especially when the heels are thin and they are over ten centimeters high. And even though most of the time I prefer to have all the soles on the ground, I admit that there are times when I wake up looking with almost scientific curiosity (and with some envy) as a talented shoe-wearer.
Many people recommend that when wearing heels, it is best to take small steps (to keep your balance as good as possible). I do not agree with this advice, and that is why – Throughout my adolescence, the world teased me for the way I was going. My completely natural gait is easy to slip on, regardless of whether I wear a flat sole or heel. When I was still a teenager, this (the teasing) bothered me and, trying to correct it, I often found myself adopting a style of walking at least weird, for the simple fact that my walking was not a natural one, but too much studied. The advice of assuming your own style of walking, be it a delicate one, with small steps of the window, or a power-stride BeyoncĂ© style, applies even more to the heels. How often or how firm or how rare you step when wearing high heels depends, in my opinion, on your own style of walking. Adapt your own style of walking on heels – this is the secret to looking graceful in heeled shoes: to make everything look as natural as possible.

Here are 10 secrets on how to work on heels as a professional:

1. Make sure your shoes fit you: You will never be able to walk with them unless the shoes are the right size – they will either beat you or your feet will slip.

2. Walk Slowly: You won’t be able to walk as fast as you would with some sports shoes, so don’t try.

3. Put the heel on the ground first when walking: You don’t have to put your foot on the ground all at once, but just the heel. Practice.

4. Don’t look down on your feet: Look at your destination, not your shoes. This will calm you down and balance you more.

5. Scratch the bottom of new shoes before wearing them: Scratch the sole of the shoe with glaze for better traction when walking on slippery surfaces.

6. Buy shoes with sturdy soles: Look for shoes with thicker, more durable heels, especially if you’re a novice. Rugged or platform soles give you little protection.

7. Stand upright: If you are not used to wearing heels, you may lean slightly in front, but this will destabilize you. Go with your back straight and head up for a better balance.

8. Look at the road ahead: The heels are not made for rough terrain, so be careful about anything that might cause problems.

9. Take regular breaks: Take breaks and sit down whenever you can. If you go out in the evening, rest every 20 minutes.

10. Get into the rhythm of the music: Ringtones one of your favorite songs. Go on a beat and it will seem more like you dance. You will be more graceful.

Your attitude is very important so try to be confident when you wear high heels.