Jeans 2015

What can be more casual than a pair of jeans? Well yes, jeans are the most loved and used piece of outfit from all over he world.

Actually, jeans represent a part of our lives. There is no doubt about that. Practically, wherever you will go, on every continent, they are all over the place, on the streets, in anyone’s wardrobe.

Women’s jeans

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Men’s jeans

jeans 2015

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A well-chosen pair of jeans can greatly help you. An absolutely fabulous characteristic of jeans is that they are very practical and versatile. You can wear them on many occasions. It’s notorious already that almost anything will match with jeans – they simplify a lot the matching process. In addition, the fact that you are feeling comfortable when you are wearing them matters a lot.
The jeans offer, not only for men but for women also, it is really huge. There are many models and extremely different, in various colors, models, different cuts and lengths. Important is to know to choose the most suitable pair for you.
Try to remember that:

– denim can shrink (but it’s not mandatory) first time when you wash it
– for women – size is extremely important, take into consideration your silhouette before buying a pair
– denim jeans are the most durable casual piece of outfit but this doesn’t mean you can treat them badly. Try to wash them whenever they get dirty, treat them well, don’t let them laying in a corner of your closet. If you will know to exploit them properly, then definitely you will be tenfold rewarded.

Yves Saint Laurent said: “I’ve wished I would have invented jeans. They are the most spectacular, practical and comfortable. They have attitude, modesty and sex appeal. Everything that I hope the clothes I create would have.”