How to Wear High Heels Without Pain

High heels shoes are the most appreciated type of shoes because they have the advantage of lifting the person wearing them, of extending the foot and of slimming it. It represents an elegant and seductive accessory that any woman can wear, instantly changing her entire look. At the same time, heels prove to be a burden for women’s feet, especially if they are worn for a long time.

“I don’t know who invented the high heel, but women owe him a lot”
Marilyn Monroe use to say. Indeed they are truly amazing.

To see how you can wear heeled shoes without crying in pain, follow these simple tips:

  • Avoid thin heels or nails. These will make your foot move extremely hard to regain balance. There are certain outfits that require such a pair of shoes, but you should not exaggerate with this type of footwear. If you belong to the category of girls who wear thin heels every day, it would be advisable to drop them from time to time and opt for a thick heel or a low shoe.
  • Slim-soled shoes will always cause foot pain. A thicker sole or a pair of platform shoes will help lower the pressure applied to your foot as you walk. Dense materials such as wood or rubber will absorb most of this pressure and help you move more easily.
  • Stores that sell shoes often sell special accessories for heeled shoes, such as gel or rubber inserts or velvet cushions. They are positioned inside the shoe and help keep your foot in a comfortable position. Thus, the pain you feel at the end of the day will be much less than the pain you were used to.
  • By choosing the right size for you, you will avoid confronting yourself with shoes that tighten or play with your foot. A shoe in which you have lightness in the area of your fingers, but which is fixed on the foot is one that will keep you away from the discomfort.