How To Wear Fur Vest

Fur vest in fashion outfits?

Artificial fur has returned this season in the preferences of fashion designers, designers and is very often seen in street fashion! In autumn, when we are not yet used to wearing thick coats, a fur vest worn over a jacket, a coat or a leather jacket turns our outfit into a warm and fashionable one at the same time!

How to wear a fur vest – Fur VEST are the durable pieces in the wardrobe of any woman who loves thermal comfort for the cold season. The vest is an always trendy piece of clothing that helps us create our own style. You can define your own style by choosing to wear a fur vest over a dress, over a shirt, over a leather jacket or jeans or even over a sweater.

A fur vest, if worn correctly, can be the piece that completely transforms your outfit, bringing a chic French shade.

Follow a few simple rules and you will enjoy the admiring looks of those around you. Yes, it is true that it takes courage to wear fur vests, but if you wear them correctly, you will reap all the glory in fashion. Don’t wear it under your jacket First of all, don’t be tempted to wear a fur vest under a jacket or under a coat. The beauty of such a vest is that your arms, covered, either in a blouse with long or short sleeves, will automatically look smaller. It is necessary to overlap the fur vest to create that magic. Even if you have the impression that your arms are too weak or too thick, with a fur vest the overall look will be perfect.

Tips for minions

If you are petite, choose a fur vest that reaches to the hip or, at most, to the upper thigh, so that the leg looks longer.

Tips for all ladies

Also, tall women need to be aware of the volume of the vest. Most fur vests have a square cut that makes them look smaller and thicker. That is why waist-length vests are indicated, such as those from Vesa, in order to create the illusion of a high waist or some as high as possible on the body. It is also important to check the size of the arm opening. Smaller openings give a more elegant look.

How To Wear Fur Vest
How To Wear Fur Vest
How To Wear Fur Vest
How To Wear Fur Vest

What to wear a fur vest in the spring

Spring is the favorite season for many girls. All nature comes back to life, the weather is warmer and you can highlight your figure. However, there are also cold days, when a fur vest will become an indispensable item of clothing. Although it is considered a clothing item specific to winter, with the help of the fur vest you can create a special spring outfit. For example, instead of the usual jeans you can wear a pair of light colored pants or even a skirt with a floral print. The sweater can be replaced with a thin blouse, which can be both in classic style and one with ruffles or lace. Give up the boots and replace them with a pair of heeled shoes or even sandals, weather permitting.

An important element of the outfit can be a thicker dress. It can be both short and down to the ground, depending on your figure and personal preferences. It is desirable to choose light colors that express the idea of ​​spring. Complete the outfit with a small handbag or even a clutch. Don’t forget the accessories. The most suitable are large necklaces and pendants in the shape of flowers and animals. You can wear bracelets or watches to match the necklace. Gold accessories are preferred.

What to wear a fur vest autumn

At the beginning and middle of autumn it is still quite warm, but you can already wear a fur vest. This season, you can combine the vest with jeans of different colors and leather tights and also with short skirts. At the top you can wear thin sweaters, shirts, and even a thin jacket under the fur vest. An interesting combination is that between a leather jacket and a fur vest. You can wear boots, boots or shoes on high heels while standing. There are no restrictions. Weather permitting, you can even put on ballerinas.

How To Wear Fur Vest
How To Wear Fur Vest


There are some trends specific to certain seasons that, whether we like it or not, are fashionable every year. Artificial fur vests are part of these trends, so they return to our wardrobe every year. If you are wondering how you could match this piece, the following tips will help you to wear a fur vest like a real star!

Wear it with a black and white outfit – The black and white combination is extremely suitable for the moments when you want to look good without looking like you tried very hard. Dealing with two non-colors, no matter what the color of your fur vest, it will fit perfectly with your outfit.

Wear it with a dress or skirt of the same length – If you want to create an interesting outfit, try to opt for overlapping materials and pieces. A look with a fur vest superimposed over a skirt or a combination of suitcase and skirt will look extremely elegant. If you accessorize the outfit with a pair of high boots or heeled shoes, you will be ready to go to any type of meeting. The fur vest is itself a pretty interesting piece, so you shouldn’t mislead the viewer’s eye by creating a conflict of length between it and the piece underneath.

Wear it in combination with jeans – Jeans are a piece recognized as casual, so combining them with a fur vest will make the whole outfit look relaxed, but sophisticated at the same time. Try not to overload the top of the outfit, choose a simple blouse without a print or loaded details.

Wear it in combination with one other color – Fur vests are statement pieces that attract attention, so it is recommended not to overload the rest of your outfit. Fur vests are found in both neutral shades of brown and beige, as well as strong colors such as red and blue. If you have such a piece, choose to combine it with outfits in a more neutral color, such as beige or pale pink. There should be no conflict between two strong colors.