How To Wear Faux Leather Leggings

There are trends that come and go fast, without leaving too many traces in our closets and there are trends that once appeared claiming their rightful place permanently on the fashion scene. Pants and tights made of natural or synthetic leather are part of this category! The tights are still in fashion – they appeared on the fashion scene a few years ago, settled comfortably in our lives and wardrobe and continued to grow in popularity in the top of clothing preferences.
Have you ever liked an item of clothing, but not buying it thinking you have nothing to match it with? Didn’t you cast a greedy eye on some leather pants or leggings, and yet you gave up on them, buying the same style of jeans you wear for some seasons?

Especially if you choose to wear leather tights, not pants, the rule refers to pairing with longer pieces of clothing, such as oversized sweaters and cardigans in one-liners. Such an outfit can be accessorized with booties, boots or heeled shoes. If you feel too simplistic, choose a scarf with a print. And a pair of animal print shoes or another bold model can be an inspired choice!
For a casual and spring outfit, combine leggings or leather pants with a denim shirt and sneakers. You can wear it and open it, along with a simple white shirt. Denim jacket is another happy association that you can enjoy when warming up outside. Add a simple top and a long metallic necklace.

Another special combo is faux leather pants + plaid shirts. Same story (just as colorful) as the denim version. A thicker plaid shirt will be perfect for those transition days when it’s cool outside and still too warm for a jacket. Of course, if you like the all-leather look, you can pair pants or leggings with a leather jacket, but you need a piece that will “break” a bit from the unit of such an outfit. A plaid shirt tied around the hips will play the perfect role!
Whether they are pants or leggings, but in the colored version, they match the options listed above. Choose dark shades such as cherry, brown or navy to go for sure, but you can also wear Eco-friendly leather pants in light tones like light blue or light pink. Combine them with blouses or shirts in white or black and simply match them with heeled shoes.