How To Wear Distressed Denim & Ripped Jeans

Every woman who loves diversity certainly has a pair of broken jeans in her wardrobe. Because they are very stylish, original and comfortable, they give a chic look to your look.
When wearing a pair of ripped jeans we must be careful to maintain a balance of the pieces we wear.

Here are 10 ways to wear distressed denims :

1. For a casual outfit, choose to wear a pair of ripped jeans along with a pair of colorful sneakers or ballerinas and a simple, lightweight top. So you can go with your friends for a juice, in town for shopping or a movie.

2. For a relaxed outfit, wear your favorite pair of ripped jeans next to a message shirt. This year they have been very much in love and will never go out of style. I always go with simple colors, I like the shirts with white or black message.

3. For a sophisticated look, wear the pair of ripped jeans with a simple white top with a round neckline and a jacket in a strong hue. Not necessarily with a pair of stilettos.

4. For a light, yet elegant outfit, choose to wear the ripped jeans with a simple shirt that you will put in your pants.

5. Want to have a simple look, but still sexy? Choose short torn jeans with a red checkered shirt and a pair of brown boots. Take care that the pants are not very tight, and in the waist you can add a leather strap.

6. Are you getting ready for school and don’t know how to wear the broken jeans? If you cannot miss them, I recommend a couple less “cut”. You can opt for a pair of normal jeans to which you can add some models, made by yourself. With a pile of nails or pumice stones you can rub the material a little, just to make them more special, but without exaggerating. Wear them with a black jacket and a white top. It is important that your outfit remains decent.

7. Do you like biker style boots and leather jackets? Put on your favorite ripped jeans from this combination, add a bag with staples and you’re ready for fall.

8. Wear broken jeans with a navy jacket and heeled shoes, along with a simple top. Less is more.

9. For a bold look, wear a lace top, a pair of slip-on shoes and a statement necklace. It’s one of my favorite combinations!

10. And last but not least, you can wear broken jeans with absolutely anything as long as you do not overdo it and your outfit remains decent and not very loaded.

Ripped jeans are a dress detail for all types of silhouettes. It is important that when you wear them, you know how to match them, so you can hide your flaws and highlight your qualities.
– Girls with big thighs are recommended straight-cut jeans. Try to choose a model with fewer holes, which has vertical direction. This will make you look taller.
– Weak girls can choose any model of ripped jeans. But, they will look best in skinny jeans with a few cuts around the thighs and knees.
– Short girls should avoid cuts and holes in the lower part of the jeans, they give a distorted appearance to the figure.

Whether classic, boyfriend or skinny, ripped jeans are a must-have this season