How To Wear Converse If You Are A Woman

Converses hold a place in the hearts of many women, because they are very comfortable, versatile, but also stylish. These are the most popular shoes in the world. Wear by both women and men alike, grandparents, parents and grandchildren together, have probably crossed streets from all over the world. And it looks like nearly a century. No other shoe model has remained so long, remarkable in the century of great changes, and has not been so successful. This is the story of some shoes, but also of the American dream.

Many people look like converts like a pair of shaggy, but for a fashionista, is much more than a pair of shoes. It can be the piece that complements all the outfit, it can be an alternative in the casual style, when your legs are too tired for the heels.
The most popular and loved way to wear converts is by pairing them with a pair of jeans. For a casual but stylish casual look, you need a pair of jeans and a pair of jeans. What you wear at the top depends on the final look that you want to have your outfit: a simple T-shirt for a classic casual look, a light pullover for the cooler season or a nice top for something cool and sexy.
Because coming from the Sport area, Conversions fit perfectly with a T-shirt. You can complete the outfit with a park (just spring and the weather is changing) or with a light trench.
You can wear Converse tennis shoes even with a biker leather jacket, provided the two have something in common.
Converse can also be carried in the office. Looks good with a jacket, for example.

Converts fall into the category of “iconic” shoes: you can take them for years to walk as well, because you can be sure they will not have an outdated air.

Converse is the key thing, fashionable … always and always. They are easy, easy to match. Celebrities, athletes, fashion enthusiasts, parents, grandparents, children – everyone wears them.