How to Wear Aztec Print 2021

I have always been passionate about South America and the mysterious areas where the Inca, Aztec or Mayan civilizations lived. And it’s amazing how the Aztec art from the pyramid-shaped temples, the murals and the vividly colored ceramics influenced fashion and gave birth to a trend that inspired famous designers in their collections or obviously influenced street fashion. Aztec prints come from the central area of Mexico today and are based on spectacular geometric elements, tribal motifs and bright, sunny colors.

The Aztecs celebrated nature and life by printing their clothes with drawings that symbolized fish, butterflies, insects, rivers, flowers, but also with graphic elements inspired by mountains, objects or even houses.

The Aztec print is always in trend. Hard to explain exactly why. Complex and versatile, it adds an extra non-conformity to the clothing. It is suitable for both day and evening outfits and highlights any single piece of clothing.
Skirts with Aztec print are in vogue, but also the tops meant to make a pair of classic jeans out of the ordinary. If you are preparing for a special evening, a party in the club, together with friends you rely on a seductive corset. For a casual outfit, choose an Aztec-style print shirt as the star of your outfit. Match the shirt with a pair of straight pants or a black high waist skirt.
The simple gentiles but also the fringed models complement the dress with Aztec prints. This print model does not generally combine with other designs in clothing. Exceptions are medium-sized strips or bullets.
Simplicity will never fail. When wearing an Aztec print dress, consider simple shoes and a pair of small earrings or a colorful ring. Tops, pants or skirts look great with other colorful clothes.

The Aztec print is very loaded, complex and colorful, so it is for the bold, passionate women who know how to wear such items with attitude.