How To Style Over The Knee Boots

Over the knee-high boots have earned a good reputation for shoes that takes you to luxury, sensuality and sex, but this conception has changed and you can wear your boots over your knees and when you go out during the day. You just have to know what to match. Never wear very short dresses, but not too long to cover your boots.
If we talk about boots over knees, their history starts somewhere a long time ago, a few thousand years ago. If we are to think of their primordial role, we can say that there is not so much diversity as they are nowadays, as they were made only for the purpose of keeping warm or being worn by hunters or soldiers in battles.

I think the first official attestation I’ve read about for a while now is about a 4,000-year-old mummy discovered in China and who’s wearing boots over knees. Also, at first, it seems that only men wore them, and then came to the conclusion that women would monopolize this trend.

Of course, men also wear boots over knees, if we are talking about cowboys or soldiers of today’s medieval festivals, but today we want to talk a little about today’s fashion and what women wear.

The first woman to wear boots over her knees would be Ioana D’arc, one of the accusations made at burning at the rug, even though she was wearing men’s shoes exclusively. She has somehow started the new trend among women in France, because in the 1600s they started to wear boots over knees.

And when I say superheroes (I now come to mind Catwoman or Batman), this boot model is the focus of attention. If we are thinking about current fashion, over the knee boots are especially important in winter or in the spring / autumn transition seasons, unlike our forefathers.

Over time, these shoes have undergone a variety of changes, reaching today more emphasis on design than on comfort. Whether they’re leather or velor-shaped, velvet, low-heeled, orthopedic or stiletto, boots over knees have become a must.

I know they have already warmed up and there is not much of their time, but I had long proposed to write this article and now that I found some time, here it is! It’s okay, knee-high boots will not evaporate too quickly from the women’s wardrobe list, so my article will probably be welcome in the years to come.

If we take into account designers’ recommendations, as with any trend or piece, this type of shoe is not intended for anyone. It would be advisable to be a tall girl and to have a well proportioned silhouette.

Do I need to say about the associations we make when we wear the boots over knees and that everything is kept to the limit of decency? We can make combinations as long as we do not fall into the vulgar trap and do not join dresses or skirts too short and too molded to this type of boots.