How To Style Cargo Pants

Halfway between the skinny pants and the trousers inspired by the army outfits, the cargo pants knew how to impose itself as a must in recent years.

These comfortable, versatile, comfortable pants have become a basic element in every woman’s cabinet because they can be worn in the office or on a night out in town. Characterized by neutral colors, sleek cuts and wide pockets, cargo pants are more functional than elegant. Indeed if you are inspired in matching with the perfect pieces they are amazing.

The cargo pants can easily be recognized because of their molded pattern and the rather large side pockets that immediately lead us to the military uniform. They are real chameleons that can adapt to any style. Evidence in the following.

For a cool trendy look. When you want to adopt a trendy and cool look at the same time, you can wear your trousers with a simple, full-length white T-shirt. A model with a V collar deeper is the one that will put your decollete in value and will feminize your silhouette. In terms of shoes, you can bet on either snowmen or gladiator sandals.

For a more rock look. In this case, you can bet on your cargo pants in black shades. At the top you can choose to wear an oversize shirt for a beautiful masculine-feminine look. The shirt can be borrowed from your partner’s wardrobe. The leather jacket and peep toe shoes can be a great addition to the outfit.

For a glamorous look, choose to wear your cargo pants to a slim fit, uni, shades of white or black. In the evening you can try to get a sexy outfit with a top of silk or lace. Add jeans with jeans and a pair of very elegant escarpin shoes in black shades. An upholstery assorted with the outfit may be the best choice.