How To Roll Up Your Jeans


A lot of designers and brands have opted for outfits that leave the ankle visible. First of all, the simplest and most subtle, effective way to adopt the trend is to roll up your classic long jeans. A casual option that looks great – this technique works very well with light jeans in summer. So, crystal clear, we will see how to roll up your jeans.

Looks with rolled up jeans

The folding of the jeans at the bottom adds a touch of personality to your outfit. Regardless of the model you choose, here are some ways you can roll up your jeans.

Simple folding – classic, chic and modern. This guy looks best on skinny jeans or straight cut jeans. Bend the edges once so that you get a palm width.

Stylish skinny jeans – if you have a pair of light jeans you can fold them in length so that they are tight at the bottom and only then you can roll them a few times.

Negligent – for a grunge effect it bends the edges, but not perfectly. Less material can be bent at the front than at the back, for example.

Style tricks for rolled up jeans

Denim is one of the coolest fashion trends ever invented, and we often try to find more interesting ways to wear our regular jeans. You may have noticed that lately, street girls are wearing skinny jeans, which is nothing new, but rather a return to an old trend. In this simple but brilliant way, this way of wearing jeans may seem a little too casual, perfect only for street fashion, but when you match the rolled jeans correctly, you can easily give them an elegant finish. I have prepared some style tricks for this garment.

How to arrange rolled-up jeans

If skinny jeans are not missing from your wardrobe, here’s how you can wear them: first, roll up your jeans in a 1-2 inches cuff, then fold the cuff again. Arrange this cuff on the other leg as well to create a symmetrical look. Another way you can try, especially if the jeans are elastic, is the inner cuff. Wrap the jeans as much as you want, then insert the cuff on the inside. On the other hand, if you want to roll up larger jeans, you’ll be able to roll them up normally, just trying to make the cuffs look a little thicker. This technique works perfectly for boyfriend jeans, where you will have to bend the edge of the jeans in the first instance without any obvious crease.

Roll up pants – Alternatively, you could choose a less tight roll – one that is especially popular with and looks a little more casual. This method works best for jeans.

What shoes are you wearing:

Stylish cropped pants are fast becoming a key part of the contemporary man’s arsenal. The perfect choice for a formal summer event. They go best with suede loafers, shoes or espadrilles.