How To Match a Cardigan

A saving piece when it comes to your outfit is the cardigan. Easy to wear in different combinations, ideal for the winter-winter season, practically warm, the cardigan is not allowed to miss you from the wardrobe. It will make it much easier for you to get through the mornings in which you ask yourself what to wear and you are counter-clock.

The cardigan is that piece of wardrobe that manages to achieve the perfect balance between making you feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. We can correlate the return of the cardigan to the trend of the timeless 70s-suited outfits that we have seen in all the presentations of this season.

An asymmetric, colorful cardigan is a fashionable piece that attracts attention and manages to make you stand out. The other pieces of clothing that you will match will be neutral in this case. You can choose the classic jeans with a simple blouse or, if you want to be elegant, choose a lightweight knit dress with no pattern on it with a pair of boots. Do not be afraid of accessories, both neck and hand, where more bracelets will have a real effect.
In cold days when you want to feel comfortable, but also bring a note of the elegance of your outfit, a black cardigan is the answer. A pencil skirt, black or jeans, a long black boot, a turtleneck or a bright colored shirt will make you admired. Do not forget about the accessories. A small cuticle is ideal, and with regard to makeup, it emphasizes lips with a red lipstick.
For cold winter days, for mountain departures it opts for a warm cardigan with buttons and a collar. It is ideal for your vacation in the mountain cottage. A pair of jeans and boots will match your outfit.