How to Dress for CASUAL FRIDAY

Most of the companies has in their internal policy casual Friday wardrobe policy. This means that on Fridays employees can dress casual. Of course for each company, according to industry and organizational culture casual Friday means different things. Interpretation of a dress code is good to be done in moderation and with discernment, understanding the differences between the categories of clothing, between different levels of elegance and, after all, and no matter how rigid it may sound, with good taste and common ground professional appearance. To say it easy: you do not come to the office dressed in the same clothes that you wore when you walk out the children nor the same outfit ready for Saturday night in the club.

Here some ideas which could help you :

1. Wear a sport blazer.

2015 sport blazer for casual friday

This is a perfect piece of outfit which can help you look chic even in a casual day at work. A major advantage is that a sport blazer is versatile and you will not encounter difficulties matching with the rest of the outfit.

2. Dark jeans could be a solution.

dark jeans 2015 2016

Avoid ripped jeans at job, but otherwise you could use any kind of dark jeans. They are very easy to match.

3. Business piece

pleated skirt 2015

If you want to necessarily wear skinny jeans – blue or colored – a flared skirt, a dress or casual soft material (a model that you can wear on weekends), will involve: make an effort to have a business touch with a piece of clothing – a well-tailored jacket, shirt … Conversely, if you prefer shirts, sweater, denim shirts or turtlenecks, supplement your outfit with a pleated skirt or or a semi-elegant pair of trousers. In other words, one half of your body to be dressed “conservative”. The outfit will still be comfortable.

It is important to pay attention also to accessories, because they are very important and they can influence your image very much.