How To Be Sexy And Seductive Even When Wearing Thick Clothes Fall-Winter 2022

Thick autumn-winter clothes – difficult to handle?

You are a woman, as a result you love to have an impeccable look and at the same time to attract through clothing, makeup and hairstyle, the attention of the male as well as the female. When it’s summer, it’s easier to choose the clothes you are going to wear so as to inspire sensuality and good amateur designer skills. Well, what you need to know is that you can get a sexy and original look, without exposing too much to certain parts of your body that are of course bare.
What you must never forget is that you can look absolutely seductive, even wearing a long coat down to the ground, as long as you adopt the right attitude and know how to accessorize your entire outfit.

Personalize each outfit you wear

First of all, you must know that the personalization of each outfit you wear has in view mainly the accessorization you choose. This is not a difficult task at all, as long as you know well the style you want to highlight. In fact, a good example in this case used by many women is hats reminiscent of the ’70s and which are in great trend this year. In order to have a seductive, sexy and mysterious look at the same time, completing the outfit with a modern pair of sunglasses will definitely take your outfit out of anonymity.
Other examples of accessories that will help you, depending on the outfit you wear, to create a unique and interesting look: a headband, a belt at the waist, a pair of glasses with modern frames, extravagant jewelry and much more. Depending on what you want to express through what you wear, you will also choose the right accessories.

Impeccable outfit

Fashion is changeable, but the right attitude does not have to be the same. So, when you adopt a proper attitude, you will attract the attention of everyone around you, of course, in the way you really want to.
Psychologists tell us how important self-confidence is – no matter how spectacular you are dressed, as long as you assume what you are wearing and you are satisfied with the choices made, including those around you will perceive you the same. This only happens because of the confident attitude you show in front of others.
However, you should pay special attention to your own posture – when you wear a dress or a skirt, you should definitely be careful about the gestures you make with your whole body. Keep your shoulders straight at all times, and if you decide you want to wear heels, the steps you take should be as light and sensual as possible. If you are sure that the heels do not benefit you too much, but you really want to wear them, it would be more appropriate to combine them with a dress or a skirt over your knees, just to not highlight the fact that they are uncomfortable.

Wearing Thick Clothes Fall-Winter
Wearing Thick Clothes Fall-Winter
Wearing Thick Clothes Fall-Winter
Wearing Thick Clothes Fall-Winter

How to wear a stylish poncho

The poncho is, most likely, the sensational piece of this cold period in which we have to cover our bodies with as much style as possible.
Country poncho fits very well in this year’s trends, as a result it would be a good investment that you really should make, considering that it offers you a unique look and protects you from the low temperatures of this period. For an extra uniqueness, match this poncho with a pair of jeans, an earthy shirt, a pair of boots, but also a hat to complete the entire outfit.
If you are petite and really want to confidently wear a poncho that fits you perfectly, then a shorter or a very wide one, but accessorized with a belt at the waist, will help you adopt that fashion outfit that you definitely want it. Regardless of your weight or height, an XXL poncho will give you that exotic look that most fashion designers use frequently, precisely because it denotes uniqueness and lightness at the same time.
For a sexy look, I recommend you complete the outfit with a pair of boots or ankle boots with heels. Besides the fact that they will make your body look much thinner, you will be in the center of attention through a feminine and sensual presence.

Wearing Thick Clothes Fall-Winter
Wearing Thick Clothes Fall-Winter