High School Girls Outfits 2015-2016

Which is the best solution if you are a high school girl? To dress fashionable and risk to be vulgar or to dress decent and risk to be a common teenager?
Nowadays the notion of “latest trends” it’s on everybody’s lips and even if some understand it or not, there is on the teenagers lips too.
My most important advice which I’d like you to remember all the time is: young girls and boys, learn to dress according to your character. Well, yes, this is absolutely essential; you shouldn’t wear something or another only because your classmate is wearing it or because your favorite TV star does it. You have to be able to dress according to your personality, on your own feelings.
Try to dress nice and decent, be comfortable and avoid looking foolish. If it’s winter things are more complex because you have to choose an elegant winter coat yet comfortable. Avoid furs because they don’t suit your age. If it’s spring like now, try to take advantage on the warm weather and take long walks, being careful with your outfits. Avoid those too elegant high heels when walking into the park, to picnics or concerts. It’s really ridiculous and very uncomfortable too.
Nowadays, if they don’t guide themselves after the latest fashion trends (speaking both about outfits and even behavior), they are immediately called geeks or freaks.
What is really happening? Today it really matters a lot what you are wearing. And in high school this counts a lot too. Unfortunately, I would add, because it isn’t quite moral and most of all healthy for young girls mind.
But because it is still happening, it’s good for a high school girl to be at least decently dressed so she will not draw attention to her and start discussions or hard words.
There are some communities in high schools where fashion is dictated by musical preferences. But generally it’s good that along with the desire to dress accordingly to the latest fashion tendencies still remains the desire of girls to dress comfortable.
Therefore, boots remains everybody’s favorite. Tights and jeans are still on top, matched sometimes with UGG boots. Also in trends remains knitted clothes (sweaters and dresses) which you can wear in different seasons.
Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Versace, Prada, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Gucci are names well known especially among teenagers who try ever harder to impose by what they wear, the dress style adopted. Also, the fact that they choose to wear clothing items from some well-known companies in the fashion and keep emphasizing that they are part of a certain social class will show that they have a better financial situation and can afford to procure clothing.

All girls want to be beautiful, even the most studied and which, at first glance, seem to not place a high value on appearance, they want to be divas for at least a day. Therefore, fashion magazines, beauty salons and designers creations are businesses that thrive from day to day. We know that, especially in adolescence, boys are attracted to a girl’s appearance.

It’s imperative not to forget an extremely important aspect. What aspect, you might ask yourself. It’s about the accessories. So a belt, bags, jewels, watches; they all help young high school girls to look very trendy.
It is said that the way you dress talks about you so my advice is – keep it cool and decent!

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