Fashionable Watches for Women

Watches, these priceless jewels, are becoming increasingly attractive in terms of styling. Everyone knows that the details are what counts and catch the eye, so here is reason, watches used as accessories are so important in the composition of any outfit. A watch is perhaps the most versatile from all the accessories. Although just a tool used to “read” time watches has become a veritable high-tech jewel, with many features besides sophisticated and important aesthetic role. Like any self-respecting fashion item, the watch must be “set” depending on the season. What arrived on time, the trends this season? Wear oversize. You should not miss watch your XXL, urban-chic. In terms of clocks, wearing exquisite accents exceptional finishes such as Swarovski stones inlaid dial, decorations maximum smoothness of operation mechanism belts or sight.
First we should know that watches are worn on the left hand, and this applies whether you are talking about women’s watches or men’s watches. The explanation for this statement comes in the following lines and is very simple. It’s about convenience and nothing else. Most people are right-handed, it is much easier to turn back the clock, to open or close them and generally belt maneuver it. Of course the awkward people, just the opposite. Another argument for which it is advisable to wear the watch on his left hand, is that it will be somewhat protected from possible accidents, since the right hand is used for all sorts of tasks more or less difficult.
Next “rule” on our list has to do with the size of a watch dial. The ladies watch models do not meet very often oversized dials, because it assumes that women have smaller, more delicate hands. And so actually we get where I wanted to get this topic: if you thin wrist, clock face you wear should not exceed the width of your wrist. Otherwise you risk to look like a child wearing a watch adults.

Take a look at some interesting fashionable watches for women:

fashionable watch for women 2015-2016

ladies fashionable watches 2016-2017

2015-2016 fashionable watches

fashionable watch 2015-2016

fashionable watch summer 2015-2016

ladies best fashionable watch 2015-2016

The secret is to choose a watch in trend, the effect that perfectly complements your outfit. Regardless of the time of day and situation, an exit with friends, or a business meeting, this piece is made and getting noticed.
For office attire: First, you’ll always be punctual. Choose a model with high-tech steel bracelet links and finish in style. Do not forget the other accessories: XXL bag in which to fit you and usefulness and pleasure, classic and elegant shoes and small touches of femininity: a brooch or a necklace. Mark your waist with a wide belt to emphasize your figure.
For party time: Forget bracelets, a necklace is enough to mark your neck. Wear it with a dress sensual and fluid, with high waist, in Greek style, minimalist envelope bag-glam boots. You will surely look amazing.