Fashionable Sunglasses for Men 2015-2016

You thought only skin suffers because of sunlight? The eyes may be affected by ultraviolet (UV) equally. That is why wearing sunglasses is more than necessary. You know but to choose those who best protect yourself? Sunglasses are not just a fad. In very sunny days they are even mandatory.
The sun produces ultraviolet radiation that can destroy the retina and cornea if not wearing sunglasses. Light reflected off water or snow can increase the amount of ultraviolet radiation, such as those going to ski without risking sunglasses to choose burns to the cornea because of the light that reflects off the snow. It can reach temporary blindness or, in more serious cases, even permanent blindness.

Studies show that there is a link between cataracts and prolonged exposure to sunlight. Those who do not may find themselves and protect eyes with cataracts because of the action of UV radiation on the lens. Research has shown that sunglasses can even slow the progression of cataracts and ocular degeneration.

If you expose yourself to the sun without protecting your eyes, you risk over time, you get to no longer distinguish details and even harder to recognize them. In short, you could suffer from ocular degeneration. Those who buy glasses with UV protection 99-100% more likely not to have this fate.

Who thinks that sunglasses and protects against skin cancer and eyelids? These cancers are more common than we imagine. People should wear sunglasses, especially when working outside, driving, doing sports, or walking.

Wearing sunglasses you have less chance to get wrinkles.Also wearing them, your facial muscles will relax and you will not end up with wrinkles prematurely.

After two or three hours spent in the sun, the eye adapts harder when you enter a room lit artificial or very dark. Using sunglasses, it will be easier to take your eyes get used to the darkness.
Whether they come to complete a style, whether they are the symbol of a statement sunglasses are a very important accessory for any man.

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