Fashionable Gym Bags 2021

Session training are amazing, so the entire process is pretty complex.

What to do before training?:

– Remove your makeup

The combination of sweat and makeup can cause a high excess of oil, as the pores open when we sweat, we do not want to block the skin’s breathing ability by obstructing it with makeup. This can lead to acne cosmetics, a form of acne that looks like small red holes, unimpaired. I suggest using a cleanser to wear in your training bag.
Even if you are not a makeup, you should also clean your face before training.

– Choose the right sun protection

If you train outdoors, the SPF is an important factor, but you need to choose the correct formula. Sunflower can cause acne by closing the pores. Therefore, it would be advisable to use a cream with a more fluid formula to make sure you do not pick up with a rash afterwards.

-It brings out the hair products

A lot of people use balsam or other products that are very oily and when sweating slides on the face, these products can block the pores and you choose acne on your forehead. You must refrain from using these types of products on days when you have intense workouts. If you can not do that for some reason, use a bent to stop the sweat from slipping on your face.
What to do during training?

-Clean your equipment

Do not trust the idea that other people clean the equipment after they have finished working. The bacteria walk on this car and if you touch your face only once during training, then the dirty stuff will travel to your skin. Be sure to wipe each surface with antibacterial napkins before using them!

What to do after training?

-Clean your face

To prevent bacteria from getting into the pores on your face, clean your skin after exercises. To fight acne, use a benzoyl peroxide-based cleaner.

To fight against bacterial attempts to install on your face, use an anti-inflammatory cream. This will hydrate your skin, soothe irritations and prevent acne eruptions.

-Jump in the shower

Clothes sweat after training can be another cause for acne on the body surface. If perspiration stays on your skin, it will block your pores and will not let your skin breathe. Schedule your shower as soon as you finish the training. If it is not possible, delete your acne prone areas, where sweat has accumulated the most, such as your chest, back and stomach, with disinfectant napkins.


It has to be special for sports: running shoes, trousers and jerseys made of synthetic materials combined with cotton, cotton socks, sport bra, lycra underwear. Take a visit to a sports store and you will find a wide range of sporting equipment, extremely cool!

Mistakes that may affect your training:

  • Your own yoga mat

To avoid the spread of bacteria – no, we are not paranoid – it is advisable to come with your own home yoga mat. Plus, it’s so easy that you will not feel any weight that you wear it to you. This is also very useful for heating exercises.

  • Body care products

Although it is possible to find them in the room, if you have a problematic scalp or your hair needs special care, bring your shampoo, hair conditioner and shower gel in small packages for your travels from home. Do not forget about antiperspirant deodorant, perfume and body milk. Also, besides various elastic hair and clams, take a hair brush or comb.

Mistakes that get sick in the room:


Take a large towel for your shower and a small towel to keep in hand when you are at work. Also for the shower and for the sauna and jacuzzi you need a pair of good slippers. You would be surprised how many accidents are perishing in the bathroom where there is a lot of moisture. That’s why it’s good to have you and painkillers

How do we dress at the gym?

For a couple of weeks I got to (again) the hall. This time I do not follow any kind of program or do drastic training. Besides trying to have a healthier diet and not eating after 6 o’clock, I do a lot of cardio, because I want to get rid of the fat on the abdomen and the cellulite that gives me headaches for a year. Specifically, I want to lose 4 pounds and get to the 57 that I had 3-4 years ago.
All I want is to have ample ambition to get the results I want, because I often grab the hall for the same purpose, but I never manage to touch it.

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