Fall Wardrobe 2021

Autumn Wardrobe

Summer is at an end. And even though we still have hot days, the vegetation begins to change and has the colors of autumn. Now evenings are starting to get colder and we are already thinking of preparing the wardrobe for autumn.

Preparing the wardrobe

Preparing the wardrobe for any season starts with a dressing inventory. The same is true of autumn clothes. You need to see if you have enough shirts, pants, jeans, sweaters, jackets and dresses so that your style is not monotonous. You must, of course, also be aware of trends. You should have bought a few pieces from the new collections to combine with what you have through the closet.

How We Prepare Our Wardrobe For Autumn


Thus, among the must-have this fall there must be a new pair of jeans. Choose according to your style and your silhouette. You have to choose.

A trench

For cold weather it is always an inspired choice. If you do not have one in the wardrobe or the existing one does not satisfy you anymore, it is time to buy one. The trench coat is a classic staple in the closet and there are many different ways to wear it this season. It is an item that can be worn year after year without worrying that it goes out of style. The trench coat is ideal for the transition between seasons and looks very well worn with a number of different pieces.
First of all, before buying a trench coat, make sure you have relevant clothing in your wardrobe that will fit. If things are predominant in your sports wardrobe, a trench coat will definitely not work.
A molded trench coat is recommended to be worn completely with buttons and a fastened belt. However, if you decide to wear it open, remove the belt, otherwise it will create a careless look.
This universal outerwear is not only multi-functional in itself, but also in terms of the fact that it can be worn with almost any garment. You can wear it not only with pants, overalls, skirts, dresses, but also with shorts, but that does not mean that it is not limited to their specific projects.
While pairing a skirt with a short or medium length trench coat, the skirt should always be shorter than the coat itself in this way you support the symmetry of the look
Loose pants, maxi dresses and skirts are not recommended to wear with any trench coat. Short trench coat + maxi skirt is not a suitable combination, while flared pants + long combined trench coat will sometimes visually give you extra weight. However, in some cases, a very idiosyncratic look can be generated by pairing a long trench coat with an evening dress, with the mention that the dress is monochrome.
The long trench coats came to be in all their glory, when they correspond to skirts with lengths above the knees, in this case, emphasizing largely the athletic legs. Trench coats can be fashionable when combined with pastel shades and vibrant colors. Long coats also look effective, with tight pants on the body or just tights.

A cardigan in a neutral color

And in this case it is good to choose a color that you do not have. We recommend gray, beige, black or blue because they are very easy to combine. The cardigan is a perfect piece, which you can wear as a jacket when temperatures are friendlier, or under a rain coat when it’s colder. It is one of the most versatile pieces you can have in the wardrobe. A cardigan is one of those items of clothing that almost every woman has in her wardrobe. This fashion resistance piece is suitable for both a student and an elderly person. Below you will discover the most suitable ways to wear a cardigan.
Add a long T-shirt or tunic under the cardigan for a play of proportions – short over long. This is a great way to avoid the image of a cardigan that is too square or old-fashioned.
Dress in a cardigan of a color that contrasts with the other items of clothing, preferably to have a neutral shade and a brightly colored one to make an instant update. Cobalt blue, deep green, pink or yellow bring a big plus to any outfit.
Wear a striped or polka dot dress with a cardigan. This technique will give you a more sophisticated look. Also try the combination of a dress with floral motifs and a plain cardigan.

White clutch

A white clutch is missing from the props of any fashionista. Although it looks like a prettier or harder to match model, the white clutch can be a great choice even in the cold season. With a little inspiration, you can integrate this bag model in many autumn outfits.

Fall dresses

It often happens to many of us to gather during the summer, like ants, clothing items that we find it very difficult to part with when the season changes. Steamy dresses, ample closures and shirt style dresses are just a few of them. But our advice is not to despair! Favorite items of clothing can be successfully framed in outfits for cold days by the right accessory, so you will not have to give up your summer wardrobe. All this can be worn in the fall without any problem. The silk or satin dress, reminiscent of nightwear, with a fluid creole, caused a stir during the summer. Placed in a simple outfit, with accessories and sandals, but also in more daring outfits, with a white T-shirt, for example, or a long-sleeved mesh blouse, this type of dress was indispensable in the spring-summer season. Her time has not passed, however, as you might think. You can still wear it during the fall, with a pair of boots, a blouse with a high collar, in a solid color. For an effect look, you can add a leather biker style jacket to your outfit. Dresses in pastel colors, with closed, molded, midi or short cuts can be worn in autumn outfits. This type of dress will give you a feminine and elegant look. You can wear them, depending on the cut, with black tights or tights. Molded dresses, pencil, come much better with a black tights and heels, leaving the casual area. On hot days, however, you can opt for a denim jacket, a small mesh jersey and a pair of sports shoes. Shirt-style dresses, steamy or cotton, can also be framed in autumn outfits. Worn with black leather pants, for an “untamed” look or, for the most daring of women, with a pair of patent leather pants in a strong color – red, for example.