Fall Cardigans 2022

Fall Cardigan – Irresistible Piece

Autumn is the right season for trance pieces, such as the cardigan. See how to wear it so that you look like a fashionista. The cardigan can be worn all year round, but autumn seems to be its season. In addition to keeping you warm, immediately change a simple outfit into a spectacular one. So, indeed fall cardigan 2022 is a perfect choice for this season.

By better understanding the history of certain clothing, we should think about how many times our clothes have influenced our lives, becoming true symbols. Even though it may seem like a simple sweater that we’re used to hanging in the wardrobe, the cardigan is the foundation stone for fashion that has imposed the most popular styles of our day.

In recent years, fashion has fallen in love – on the verge of obsession, I might say – with sweaters. From the ultra-copied Givenchy models with Bambi and Kenzo with the tiger, to the rare and fantastically well-sold Alberta Feretti sweaters with the days of the week and Bella Freud with the simple 1970s, they were the latest item of clothing elevated to the rank of “piece- worship”. With prices to suit. This year, the trends have shifted their attention to jackets and cardigans, which appeared at Miu Miu, Prada, Christopher Kane, Gucci, Tori Burch and so on, in stylistic variants that denounced any connotation of retro, classic, old or boring. And, because that’s what happens with trends, cardigans quickly made their way into the fall collections of all brands.

Noting that, unlike micro-trends, those that disappear quickly (see jeans with watercolor cough, raffia bags with pompoms or lacquered vinyl trench coats), this is:

1) very portable;

2) we find it on absolutely all price levels and available in hundreds of variants of colors, lengths, volumes and textures; 

3) it is the kind of clothes that we will keep and wear for years.


Fall Cardigans 2022

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Fall Cardigans

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Fall Cardigans 2021

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Cardigans – Always Fashionable

Cardigan pullover is still a fashionable item. It can be worn with jeans or light pants, and some women’s cardigans can also wear a dress or shorts on a cold evening. This extremely versatile coat is suited when it’s cold, but the season does not allow you to wear a jacket or a sweater on your neck.

The cardigan sweater’s story begins in the mid-1800s during the Crimean War. James Thomas Brudenell was the 7th Cardigan Count – hence the name of this sweater. This British military commander who fought on the front was the one who introduced the cardigan sweater to folk culture.

But the cardigan became very popular in the seventeenth century due to the French and, in the British Isles, thanks to the fishermen. These sweaters have proven incredibly useful on the cold sea.

Being made of more durable materials such as wool, these sweaters were provided in front of buttons or other items with which they could be closed. Some cardigans will later have zippers instead of buttons.

In America, the cardigan was associated with a television guy Fred McFeely Rogers (American doll, composer, writer and activist) known for the television series “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” (1968-2001) dedicated to preschoolers. The success of this show has made generations of young people associate the cardigan with the one who made their beautiful childhood. Mister Rogers changes his cardigan at the beginning of each television show to show his passage in time. For many who grew up with Mr. Rogers, this sweater has become a beautiful part of their childhood.

There is also a story in which a cardigan has prevented an assassination attempt against a Bulgarian radio publisher. It seems like a secret agent tried to inject the radio with a poisonous resin, but the substance did not get into the skin because the wool cardigan he was wearing was too thick.

Today, the cardigan is no longer perceived as an old fashioned outfit. On the contrary, as we can see in the appearances of the former Prime Minister Michelle Obama, it can be worn even in very elegant outfits. From the point of view of its evolution, the cardigan can be compared with the overalls. If ten years ago, the overalls were a casual coat, today women all over the world wear bib and evening wear.

A casual style has characterized a lot by the level of comfort. And we can say without worrying to be wrong that a cardigan is for sure very comfy. In addition, it is also extremely easy to be matched with various other pieces of the outfit. This aspect gives you an advantage when you are creating your outfit, no matter the time of the day or the event you are attending.

The Cardigan – Practical

The cardigan can be the key for a modern and very practical outfit. In time, ever since the time of the commander Brudnell and up to now, the cardigan has suffered many upgrades. Obviously, today the market offers a large variety of models and colors.

Perfectly completing almost any type of outfit, the cardigan is a piece of clothing far from being only practical. On the opposite, it is a piece of an outfit that can be worn by everybody, no matter if you are a bold, delicate or conservative woman. It really does not matter how your personal style is, the cardigan is there for you.

Cardigan – Versatile Piece

I was saying above that a cardigan is a very versatile piece of outfit. This is noticeable very well no matter the place you want to wear it. You can wear it at the cinema, at the market, when going shopping, when going out with your friends to have a coffee, when going on a trip to the mountains, on a picnic and even in a club. Obviously, this depends a lot on how you will be able to create the perfect outfit combo for each event. You have to have the ability to find the most successful and proper associations between the pieces of your outfit.

The cardigan is your best friend when you are trying to create a stylish outfit, but also when you try to highlight the best parts of your body. I am saying this because women should not consider the cardigan to be just a knitted sweater that can protect them from cold. If it is properly associated, it can get out of the crowd any woman.

The cardigan has another huge advantage and I am referring to the fact that it can be worn by a large area of ages, from the young ones to the old ones. Whether we are talking about the young students that are walking within the campus or going to classes wearing it, about the housewives when going shopping, or about the older women having a walk in the park, the cardigan is equally cherished and loved by women of all ages and occupations.

How to wear a cardigan

Long referred to as an obsolete piece, the wool cardigan, without a collar and buttoned on the front, is renewing itself by blurring the lines between casual comfort and outerwear sophistication.
To counter its stylistic softness, we have two options: either feminize it or wear it casually. The first alternative will necessarily use resolutely feminine pieces, such as shoes with heels, dresses cut short and preferably worn close to the body. Another alternative: the unwavering denim / sneaker combo, ideal for an effortless look.
The idea is to play with the contrasts of colors or materials, just to bring an additional fashion guarantee to your silhouette. Like Olivia Palermo, you can layer your cardigan with taste and subtlety. To do this, just play with the lengths and combine your favorite piece with a colorful zipped cardigan. Another option is to wear the cardigan with a long trench coat that you leave open for a casual look.
For those who wish to wear the cardigan like a dress, choose a sufficiently long and loose model, which you structure with a thin or a thick belt at the waist. In terms of shoes, thigh-high boots will prove to be a wise choice to bring an elegant touch to the whole.
Those who want to give a sportswear touch to their outfit will bet on a cropped-top cardigan, high-waisted jeans and a pair of sneakers. A simple and effective look, which adapts to many occasions.
Another option is to wear your short cardigan with a long floral-print dress and white converse.
Adopted by Katie Holmes last summer, the cardigan / bra combo is a sure bet, for the more daring at least. Spotted on the streets of New York wearing an oversized cashmere cardigan and matching bra, the American actress showed off just the right amount of skin to be both chic and practical.

The cardigan looks sometimes retro, sometimes sewn, acclaimed by a squadron of trendy girls. From Paris to New York via Milan. Essential fashion to follow this very French I-don’t-know-what, the cardigan through Jeanne Damas’ fashion aura takes on retro accents. The style lesson? Opt for a short pattern embroidered with an understated flowers and pair it with an immaculate top, a floor-length denim and a pair of cane-style sandals. The cardigan is slit, imagined in a multicolored patchwork mesh. Combined with a track pant and a leopard jacket playing the print mix and match, we follow the off-duty look of Vittoria Ceretti, combining seasonal trends.

The long, knitted cardigan is a piece of resistance this fall. Read the full story: Fashion: Knitted cardigan, in trend this fall. Learn to match it! You can’t help but love the cardigan! It’s such a versatile piece that you’ll hardly break up with it this fall! Choose a thick, knitted cardigan in shades of gray, beige, cream, black, camel, vanilla white. Pair it with a simple white T-shirt, cropped jeans and heeled ankle boots. You have a perfect first outfit! The same cardigan goes well with leather pants, heeled shoes and a fine top or army pants, boots and t-shirts! Do you notice how versatile it is? And where else can we say it’s hot!

The famous and much loved cardigan, this fall we wear it as a top. Whether it is cropped or longer, variants of wearing it exist. And even celebrities and Instagram IT-girls can give us some valuable lessons in this field. It comes in all shapes and colors, having both a practical and an aesthetic role. However, it is good to know that not all cardigans are the same. There are cardigans suitable for certain silhouettes, just as there are cardigans suitable for certain outfits. The cardigan can be found in so many patterns, colors and styles, that’s why it can be part of the everyday outfit. You can take it to complete the casual style, but also when you want it to be part of the elegant or office outfit.

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Fall Cardigans 2021
Fall Cardigans 2021
Fall Cardigans 2021

How to accessorize fall cardigans

Brooches, maybe it’s old fashion, but one of my vices is brooches. And cardigans are their best friends. Textile flowers, next to metallic brooches, leaf or representing animals and you wear your fairy tale on the street. Not to mention that we can end them with brooches instead of buttons.
Then, don’t forget to roll them up – rolled – summer clothing maneuver – with the sleeves of the shirt, to play with the two textures and colors of the material. Roll nicely once or twice, or simply push over the elbow, the sleeves worn in this way transmit the relaxation with which you wear that outfit. If you happen to have the sleeves too long, roll them until they fit well, at the wrist bone, in no case do not wear them hanging so that you have reason to pull all day like a fasting teenager.
Scarves are another old ally of cardigans. Thin, thicker, rectangular or square are all wonderful with jackets on an autumn day.

5 Reasons to Wear a Fall Cardigan:

1. Affordable price – Unlike jackets characteristic of the warm season, the cardigan is much more affordable. You can even get it at a bargain price if you make a habit of visiting online outlets. By relying on affordable clothing items, you can often renew your wardrobe and change daily into new outfits. In addition, it supports all kinds of accessories that every time you wear it you have the feeling that you are doing it for the first time.

2. It enjoys great versatility – There is a cardigan for every context. If you don’t believe this, it means that you don’t have enough models in your dressing room. The knitted cardigan, thick and warm, for your casual outfits, the cardigan with zipper for a sports-inspired outfit, but also the cashmere cardigan for elegant or office outfits. Basically, you can pull it over absolutely any outfit and you can be sure that it looks great, integrates perfectly and makes you feel good.
The short cardigan with buttons on the front can be pulled over an office shirt and matched with a pencil skirt and the long and thick cardigan can take the place of a jacket.

3. Don’t go out of style – A cardigan can be worn season after season until the first signs of wear and tear begin to appear. Even then you can find another use for it. You can wear it at home, pull over your favorite t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants, when you go out on the terrace to enjoy a hot chocolate at sunset.

4. Can replace a jacket – When you don’t know what to put on your shoulders, you can rush to a cardigan, especially the thick ones that are so warm that they can replace a jacket. Don’t have the budget to renew your wardrobe? Take the cardigan off the hanger and enjoy extra thermal comfort. A slim cardigan gives you exactly the extra comfort you need on cool summer evenings, while another, knitted and thick can be even warmer than a jacket.

5. It can be stylized – It is not a piece of clothing to pull on and forget about its existence. Think of a cardigan as a piece of clothing that can help you style. And it can be worn with rolled up sleeves or fastened at the waist with a thin strap. If you are super brave, choose a short cardigan and wear it directly on the skin. The V-shaped anchor will draw attention to your neckline. Sometimes you will want to stack it on a suitcase.

The cardigan is one of those garments that every woman should have in her wardrobe.


Add a cardigan in pastel or neutral shades over a flowered dress. More precisely, make sure that the shade of the cardigan is found in the colors on the dress. If not, you can choose a cardigan in neutral shades: nude, white or black, it will not spoil the charm of the dress, it will not dominate it, and it will leave the feminine look untouched. To a neutral outfit add a cardigan in intense colors – Whether you wear a black dress, a gray office outfit or a white outfit, for a more chic look add a splash of color, represented by a neon cardigan, in your favorite color. This fall, orange, green, pink, red and blue are especially worn. A black cardigan fits anything – Even if it looks trivial, you have to have it in your wardrobe. The black cardigan is your savior when you are at a standstill. The best way to give it a color note is to add brooches, either floral and elegant, to a dress, or funny and cheerful to a more casual outfit.

Keep In Mind

The cardigan can be worn in autumn over the dress, shirt, combined with boots, ankle boots and so on. Almost any context and style is able to match a cardigan. This does not mean, however, that it is a trivial piece that hides in the anonymity of an outfit. Worn on top, it must and deserves to stand out.
Wear it in a contrasting tone, with a white shirt, for a dramatic effect. Of course it fits an office style, but you should not limit this kind of combination to just that.
You could wear it with simple tops, especially when you want to highlight the line of the pants in asymmetry with the upper area of the shoulders.
For a bohemian style look, choose to match it with jeans and a casual shirt.