Espadrilles 2020

Espadrilles 2020

Lightweight, understated and inexpensive, espadrilles are the perfect outfit for summer holidays. In the hot season we recommend jumping over sandals or flip-flops and getting on your espadrilles.

What are espadrilles?

The espadrilles are originally from the area of ​​the Pyrenees mountains and appeared more than 700 years ago. The name comes from the name of a Mediterranean plant similar to the grass, “esparto”, from which the string was interwoven. Usually, this shoe is made of natural raw materials, such as cotton, jute or leather, and the sole is made of twine (the outer surface of the soles is rubberized for durability). The good part is that the espadrilles are very light and you can put a few pairs in your luggage without fear that it will become too difficult. In addition, they are comfortable, you should not wear socks and let your skin breathe.

The espadrilles are very comfortable and versatile, they can be worn with everything from shorts and skirts to dresses and long pants. They have a summery air, but don’t think you can’t wear them with an office outfit. Stores provide you with all kinds of models, so you can’t find the right one for you. The sandals in the form of sandals, go slightly more feminine and perfectly with long, steamy dresses, and those that mimic sneakers are better suited for jeans.

How do we wear the espadrilles?

Espadrilles can be worn with almost any style of clothing. Therefore, you will not have to buy a new pair of shoes for each piece of clothing you own. Plus, even if you can’t bring them to the office, they are perfect for meeting friends or outdoors. Important is that you should feel very comfortable in your footwear and espadrilles guarantees you that.

Reasons to wear espadrilles:

  • comfort
  • versatility
  • gets out of the crowd
  • soft sole
  • easy to match

Styling Espadrilles

Try to lengthen your legs and add height with espadrille wedges – Espadrille wedges are perfect for more formal warm-weather events, that is for sure. You can try to pair with a summer dress for a more delicate look, or with a pair of jeans. Open-toe wedges are more casual and trendy, while closed-toe styles generally look more sophisticated and sweet.

You may try a lace-up pair of espadrilles for an elegant fashion statement.  Yes, elegant, you read correct. Espadrilles can stylish you look big time if you are creative enough. Lace-up espadrilles come as both wedges and flats. Flats can be worn with a light swing dress and a hat a cute outfit that’s also great for a day of exploring. Lace-up wedges add an extra touch of glamor to a flowery dress.

For a change you may wear espadrille flats as a summer-friendly alternative to sneakers. Espadrilles can be a great alternative to sneakers in the warm summer months. Not only do they provide full coverage of your feet and are comfortable to walk in, but they’re also breathable and very light. A great experience for your feet if you experience long days.