Duffle Coats for Men

Duffle coats (some call them toggle coats) are button special style coats. Over the time, year after year, it became a staple for the intellectuals in the US and Europe. And not only for them, could I say, because it is actually very much loved by other categories of men too.

mens duffle coat 2015

For sure this type of coat, as I have highlighted in the beginning, it is preferred by many people. Another very important aspect that has to be reminded is the fact that it has an extraordinarily high versatility that can’t be ignored.

2015 duffle coat

2015 mens duffle coat

2015-2016 duffle coat

At first sight, it seems to be a very elegant coat which is true, but also true it is that its extraordinarily versatility makes it almost perfect for a casual event too.
Some specialists are saying about this type of coat that it has a military look and therefore gives a higher note of seriousness to the whole outfit. This is correct, but many students from US and Europe are thrilled by this style that is considered to be very chic.