Denim Skirts 2020

Denim Skirts 2020

Denim skirt, is a feminine piece. Of course, it is also important the combination you are going to choose. We are talking about a versatile piece. Indeed, no matter the event you attend (almost actually…) you can use in your outfit combo, a denim skirt. The name denim comes from the sixteenth century France where a fabric called “Serge de Nimes” was used, meaning “fabrics in the city of Nimes”.

We all know that the invention of the first denim clothing is due to Levi Strauss. Now, denim is a very popular material that each of you have in your home. Whether you have a denim skirt, a jacket, but most have at least one pair of jeans.
The advantage of the denim skirt is that you can wear it very easily in different situations, and even make it easy to go from day to night. If you can wear a pair of sneakers and a simple t-shirt or a sailor to the evening with a simple pair of sandals with a heel and an asymmetrical top, you totally transform your look.
In the 1990s and early 2000s, any adolescent had at least one skirt of jeans, usually a miniature, always assorted with a mulum. Perhaps this “uniform” has brought a jealousy to the skirt of jeans and has remained for years ignored by designers and fashionists. But recently the denim skirt returned to strength, in styles completely different from those we used to be many years ago. At present, this piece of clothing looks as modern and interesting as possible.

There are tendencies in the midi skirts, with a type A cut and applications or embroidery that adds more personality. Also, the mini jeans are fringed or asymmetrical.

It is very important to feel very comfortable wearing it. Indeed denim skirt is a versatile and useful, but take into consideration how see yourself wearing it.

Informal vs Formal?

With the help of a jeans skirt you can create various combinations, both informal and formal. A daily outfit will not be the same as a formal event. And the style between day and evening will vary.
Thus, with a single skirt, a lot of combinations can be made. For example, you can opt for shirts and blouses for more formal occasions, some nice shoes with a heel and a jacket. Instead, if you combine jeans with a more casual t-shirt and flat boots or shoes, you’ll create a cool everyday outfit.

Long Or Short Jeans Skirt?

Skirt length varies depending on various factors. Besides the occasion, it will greatly influence the shape of the body, when the appropriate jeans skirt must be chosen. For example, for tall women, the pencil skirts below the knees are recommended, while for the smaller ones they will fit the ones above the knees. The item above will need to be wider or a tighter t-shirt can be chosen, depending on the silhouette. Jeans skirts allow various combinations.

With Heels Or Without Heels?

Combining a denim skirt with a pair of heels will depend on many factors. In addition to the type of event – considering that in the case of the formal ones you should always wear your heels, also take into account the place where you go, how many hours you have to spend on your feet, how long you resist on the heels.
If you know in advance that you won’t feel comfortable with heels, opt for flat shoes that combine with a jeans skirt. You can even opt for sports shoes. There is also the option to use both variants. When you get tired of heels, you can change to flat shoes.
As you can see, the jeans skirt can be combined with various interesting items. If you don’t have a jeans skirt in your wardrobe yet, I recommend you buy one, and try on chic outfits. Remember that denim is fashionable this season!