Denim Shorts Trends

Denim shorts are a very versatile piece of clothing. This summer fashion are those with high waist and the base run, but still wearing shorts and jeans used look and low waist, or the loose.

You can take them, to a picnic at a club exit, at the terrace with friends or when you travel.
Denim is always in trend, so the jeans shorts is always good to find a place in your wardrobe. Prewashed, cut with printed, with lace or various details, jeans shorts are a must-have for any summer.
For a casual outfit you choose to wear a pair of ripped jeans with a pair of colorful sneakers or ballet flats and a simple top, slightly. Thus girlfriends can go for a drink in town shopping or to a movie.

For a relaxed outfit favorite pair of ripped jeans wear with a shirt with the message. This year was very loved and will not ever go out of style. I always go the colors simple message I like shirts with white or black.
For a sophisticated look wear a pair of ripped jeans with a plain white top with round neckline and a jacket in a shade stronger. Not necessarily with a pair of stilettos.
For a casual attire, but elegant, choose to wear ripped jeans with a simple shirt that you will tuck into pants.
Want to have a look simple yet sexy? Choose torn jeans shorts with a red plaid shirt and a pair of brown boots. Make sure the pants not too tight and waist can add a leather strap.
Prep school and do not know how to wear ripped jeans? If you can not do without them, I recommend a couple less “cut”. You can opt for a normal pair of jeans which you add to them a few models, made just for you. With a nail file or pumice feet can rub less material, just to make them more special, but without exaggeration. Wear them with a black jacket and a white top. It is important that your outfit remain decent.
Do you like boots and biker style leather jackets? Put your torn jeans prefer this combination, add a bag with staples and ready to fall.
Gate torn jeans with a navy jacket and high heels, with a simple top. Less is more.
And last but not least, you can wear ripped jeans with anything as long as you do not overdo your outfit and remain decent and not very busy.

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