Cuffed Jeans 2020-2021

What does it mean to cuff jeans?

The cuff of the jeans is when you wrap the hem to make the jeans a little shorter or to completely hide the hem. That’s what you can do or you can buy jeans already. As if the big debate wasn’t difficult enough, there are so many different ways to roll up your jeans, whether you’re wearing skinny jeans, straight-leg jeans or any other type of women’s jeans.

Are cuffed jeans in style in 2020?

The short answer is without doubt – yes. Cuffed jeans are a key fashion trend we could say that for a long time. With denim being the best fashion ever invented, we often try to find more interesting ways to wear it to amplify our casual jeans and to take our style to a whole new level. You may have noticed that lately many girls are wearing turned jeans, which is certainly nothing new, but rather a return to an old trend. This so easy but brilliant way to wear jeans might seem a little too casual, perfect just for the street, but when you master it correctly, you can easily give it an elegant finish.

Cuffed Jeans 2020-2021
Cuffed Jeans 2020-2021

How to wear cuffed jeans

Simple folding – classy & chic

This type of crop looks best on skinny jeans or those with straight cuts. Bend the edges once so that you get a palm width.

Roll type bending

Highlights your ankles. Fold the edge of the jeans several times to get volume.


For a light grunge effect, bend the edges, but not perfectly. In the front you can turn less material than in the back, or you can bend the left differently from the right.

What shoes match the cuffed jeans

It goes perfectly with sandals and heels. There is also the possibility of carelessly rolled up jeans, which go perfectly in combination with sneakers or sneakers, but also with heeled shoes, creating a beautiful contrast. Shrink jeans draw attention to your feet, so make sure you find the right shoes.
Wearing jeans above the ankle can be done in winter, when it is recommended to match them with your favorite boots, up to the ankle. Certainly, you should not match skinny jeans with very complicated shoes, such as Mary Janes models, sandals or ankle-tied shoes, unless you have perfect feet in any type of shoe.
Another tip, especially applicable to shorter women, is to insert the blouse or shirt in jeans, to create a proportionate look.

Cuffed Jeans 2020-2021
Cuffed Jeans 2020-2021