Checkered Shirts For Ladies 2019

Checkered shirt belong 90s style and are often associated with rebellious teenagers and a relaxed style of dressing.

After the great commercial success that they had in the 90s, checkered shirt still remained ins both men, and women preferences.

Let a tartan pattern combinations of different colors, even colors that other juxtapositions and not too pointless, for example red and green. Among the most common colors in checkered shirt are red, white, blue and green.
Depending on body shape will be useful especially those close to the body. If you have a boyish figure, rectangular, undocumented, will help the large one, if you have a pear figure, inverted triangle, applet then better coming to you most arched.

Checkered shirts are undeniably the most common pieces plaid which are currently used. Whether it’s a meeting with a client, a lunch with friends or a trip, a checkered shirt adds an extra sense of style and comfort. What we love most about this piece of clothing is that it is very versatile and comes in many fabrics, colors and shapes.

You can wear your favorite shirt in plaid shorts, tights, black leather pants with a checkered white top and a white cardigan, or in a stylish black trousers with a classic blazer! To radiate elegance and femininity maximum choose to wear a dress and high heels to accessorize with red.

A checkered shirt is also worth a combo with a pair of jeans. Skinny jeans, ballet flats and a scarf with the potential to create one of the biggest hits of fashion. Add a leather jacket to create an assembly that will complement your look with flair.

Another great look is the shirt tied around the waist. This is a great way to wear a shirt with plaid shirt in your favorite summer. One can also join with denim shorts for a casual and cool. I’ve already seen some celebrities wearing their favorite shirt that way.

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