Casual Spring Dresses 2021

Update your wardrobe for spring

For the representatives of the beautiful sex, the arrival of spring means, among other things, the updating of the wardrobes with the clothes that are fashionable this spring. Among them, the dresses also occupy a good place this spring in the list of favorite clothes to be worn this season.

The casual spring dresses – a must for any women

Feminine, available in many models and always in fashion, the dress is one of the must-haves of a woman’s wardrobe. Just like last spring, and this spring, casual dresses are a dress item that should not be missing from a woman’s wardrobe. Even though women with the hourglass figure are the happiest women, given that they have an enviable body, this does not mean that they no longer have to pay attention to the type of casual dress they wear. Thus, in order for the body shapes to be put to the best value, specialists in the clothing design industry recommend this type of silhouette to wear casual A-shaped and V-shaped dresses.

The casual spring dresses that women buy with the silhouette type must be purchased very carefully, because their length must be up to the knees to provide a balance of body shapes as visually pleasing.

Elongation of the torso is the most important thing that a woman with a large silhouette should obtain by wearing a casual dress. This can be achieved by wearing the A-shaped casual dress as well as the casual or long midi dresses. These three types of casual dresses are best suited for women with apple silhouette.

As with women with the hourglass figure, and those with the “banana” figure can be considered lucky because they can wear any type of casual dress because of the benefits offered by the body they have.
Even though the casual dress should be chosen according to the silhouette of the woman who is going to wear the dress, this dress article is addressed to all the representatives of the beautiful sex.

Shirt Dress – Casual Spring Dress

Yes, shirt dress could be a wonderful spring dress because it’s a lightweight, easy to wear model, being the perfect choice for hot spring days when you want to look good, but also feel comfortable. As the name suggests, this dress is inspired by the classic shirt design, being wide and comfortable. Wear a shirt with low-heeled sandals, sports shoes or sneakers, but also with heeled sandals. The shirt dress is more versatile than just a call for comfort and acquires many feminine connotations this spring. You must apply ruffles and wear it with a pair of moccasins cut at the back or clogs. And, as the temperatures evolve, the T-shirt dress will become charming in the company of light summer sandals and a beach bag!

Dress With Bare Shoulders – Casual Spring Dress

A dress with bare shoulders is feminine, but also very sexy. Since last year, the tops and dresses with bare shoulders have been imposed as essential clothing for the hot season. And a dress with bare shoulders, regardless of the model or print you choose, will give you a relaxed look, which is great with this season. What do you need to remember about this cut?
– optically enlarges the shoulders, so if you already have shoulders that are wider or larger in circumference than the hips, this volume at the top will stand out more
– emphasizes the arms; depending on the cut, it can highlight the arms – in which case you have to be in full harmony with their appearance; or hide them, depending on whether they are not so toned and it bothers you to see that area
– the ruffles in the chest area give volume, which is ideal if you have a small or medium bust, but it may not look harmonious if you have a large or very large bust

Striped Dress – Casual Spring Dress

Thin stripes have been in trend for several years, and this season is no exception. One of the styles to try in spring is that of striped dresses in different models. Choose a dress with horizontal stripes on the top and vertical stripes on the skirt area. It is a very simple trick to create the visual impression of bulky bust and elongated legs. The striped dresses look great on anyone. Depending on the type of dress and occasion, they can be worn with sneakers for casual style, and heeled shoes for office or party wear. Don’t forget the accessories that add to the outfit.
Some striped dresses may also have embroidery or ruffle patterns, which are also fashionable for the spring-summer season.

Lace dress – Casual Spring Dress

For a more mysterious and classic look, the lace dress is the outfit you are looking for. Lace is the best choice, because it highlights and thins the silhouette. This dress is evening, perfect for a trip to the city. Lace will always remain one of the favorite materials of women, regardless of the item of clothing it is found, due to the special charm it gives to the wearer. Sophisticated, elegant, romantic, seductive and mysterious, lace seems to embody the very essence of femininity. Therefore, clothing items made of lace will always be appreciated and will always give the woman who wears it a special look, which denotes femininity, delicacy and elegance.
Even if not all occasions are suitable for wearing clothes made entirely of lace, in recent years lace inserts and details have gained great popularity. Therefore, dresses with black lace dress must be indispensable in your clothing options, regardless of the moment or occasion when you choose to wear them. A small detail of lace will turn a casual dress into a party dress, and some lace sleeves will enhance your mystery and turn your outfit into a special one, even if the design itself is quite common.

Leather dresses – Casual Spring Dress

Whether you prefer the minimalist look or you like bold models and colors, the leather dress is the best way to get statement outfits this spring. The cuts range from shirt dress, mini dress with puff sleeves or tight dresses on the body. Whatever you choose, keep the accessories to a minimum, because the dress will be the star of your outfit. Leather dresses have never been out of trend. Their glam-rock connotation instantly gives personality to any outfit; the leather dress integrates perfectly in outfits that are detached as if from a movie with motorcyclists, but at the same time exults a current air. The leather dress reveals itself under several faces and guarantees ultra sharp looks.
In the trendy dresses department, we find the shirt dress. In black or colored leather, it adds a twist to the casual day look.
The chasuble dress is everywhere now! We love it in its leather version, to wear with a cotton shirt or a message t-shirt.
In terms of length, the leather dress goes from mini to maxi, going through noon.
The smallest will prefer a mini or midi length, to wear with trendy sneakers or block heel sandals. Those who measure more than 1m65 will be able to dare the maximum length on condition of marking the size with a belt.
We don’t hesitate to wear the dark green, burgundy or camel leather dress to soften the rock spirit of black.
Be careful, wearing a leather dress requires having a high sense of style. We repeat ourselves but not to fall into the vulgar, better opt for the right accessories.
In the lounge bar version: A leather dress, a black tweed jacket, a pair of red mid-height pumps and a sober black clutch.
In cocktail version: A puffy baby doll-style leather dress, black heeled sandals and discreet pendants.
In after work version: a mid-length leather dress, vertigo heels, an XL bag and a matte lipstick. No accessories or maybe a cuff bracelet.
In club version: A short tight leather dress, black low boots, a carmine lipstick and why not a rock hairstyle.