Casual Dive Watch for Men

Diving watches are made from solid materials to withstand extreme conditions.

The first true underwater clock appeared in 1927, when Mercedes Gleitze crossed swimming the English Channel wearing a Rolex hand. Finally, this watch was functional and in good condition. Over more than 30 years, another Rolex was hanging on when it was going down to over 11,000 m depth in the Mariana Trench, the deepest place on Earth. This time clock has resisted and was brought back into working order.

Over the years, many top brands have created watches for elite corps of the army. Panerai watches equipped with Italian Royal Navy, Tutima has worked with NATO to achieve a special watch for scuba divers and Jaeger-LeCoultre and worked with Luminox Navy SEALs. In fact, Luminox Navy SEAL appeared in 1994, and more recently, in 2011, the same firm Scott Cassell Luminox watch introduced, named after a specialist in counter-terrorism and underwater explorations. In turn, the clock LeCoultre Master Compressor Geographic Jaeger-Navy SEAL began to be tested in all underwater expedition in 2011.

Relatively recently, the watch world was imposed the concept of free-diving, that sinking without special equipment or oxygen tanks. Therefore special watches were created for these conditions, one being worn by Austrian Herbert Nitsch set the record when diving to 700 ft. He had at hand a product Breitling watch, intends this year to carry up to 800 ft.
If you’ve seen any of those documentaries classic 1970s adventures underwater Jacques Cousteau, the parent diving modern, you could see that when he descended into the deep to explore wrecks, do not wear any watch purchased at the shop for bargains.

Instead, Cousteau had a diving watch PloProf extremely voluminous, shiny and incredibly attractive in appearance. Cousteau tried not only to be elegant underwater. Watch, what he was wearing super-luminous hour markers and those set on a dark dial, it provides that the measure could very well during the depths where light can not penetrate.
More importantly, the housing of stainless steel and mineral crystal extra-resistant was designed to withstand water pressure and remain watertight up to 1968 ft deep, a depth far greater than even that at which any professional diver might think . The clock was also a furniture frame, a ring that surrounds the front of it, which helps the wearer easier to mark the time on it and it proposed to spend it underwater.

Robust watch strap was designed to be resistant if a shark attack, but it is hard to believe that a shark would attack a diver trying to catch him directly wrist. Cousteau’s gadgets might look as antiques for professional divers today. But for both recreational diving and for those who want to make free diving, diving watch has become a necessary accessory.
Whether we are professional divers or free diving and we just depend on lung capacity, none of us should enter the water without having to reach a reliable timing device.

This is the advice that I give most experts in diving. Diving with breath holding, monitoring both the time spent underwater and the rest of the time spent on the surface, as it is murmured allows us to calculate exactly precise parameters that our body can lead them.

In addition, in deep time monitoring allows us to calculate precisely when to begin our gradual ascent, which reduces the risk of fainting before reaching the surface. In terms of professional diving, where it is likely to descend to the depths and larger, the need to carefully track time is even more important.

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