Casual Denim Shorts For Women 2016

Jeans shorts is a piece of clothing extremely versatile and who undoubtedly favor women with nice legs. Denim is always in trend, so the jeans shorts is always good to find a place in your wardrobe. Prewashed, cut with printed, with lace or various details, denim shorts are a must-have for any summer.

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2016 jeans shorts

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If you want to create a glamorous outfit, you just need to combine short jeans with a shiny top or jacket. It is an outfit that suits all day activities, but go and evening on the terrace or in a club. Be careful though, do not use bright accessories, one such item is enough. Leave the top or jacket to be the center of interest and, otherwise, keep it simple look.
Even if summer night can be chilly. In this case, appeals to a very chic outfit and combines short jeans with a shirt or a printed message and a leather jacket. You can wear platform heels or a pair of ballet, you’ll be just as interesting.

Some useful tips:

– The right length. Shorts should not be necessarily be seen by your buttocks! If you do not think you have enough beautiful legs, you can get a pair of jeans and cut up his knee. Combine with a blazer, they will look as chic as shorts.
– Be creative. Check your closet and I’m sure you’ll find at least one pair of jeans look through a corner. Bring them out, measured them and cut them!
– Simplicity. Less is always better! A white shirt or a shirt underneath the black blazer should be enough!
– Where you wear this outfit? When you go to coffee with friends, shopping, to the movies, to the park and even clubs. Almost everywhere, just not at school or at the office. Of course if the length is adequate and is the right color jeans, try even on a Friday, less formal, office day.