Cargo Shorts 2020

Best cargo shorts 2020

Cargo shorts 2020 are a short length version of loosely cut pants originally designed for tough, outdoor activities, and whose design is distinguished by one or more cargo pockets.

You’ve already seen them in many situations, on the streets and so on. What you need to know is that the only pants with a simple design or made of precious material can work perfectly in such a situation. Well, yes, cargo short pants are special, that’s for clear.

Always in your wardrobe

A pair of cargo pants should already be in your wardrobe. Not because they are useful and functional, but because they are versatile and look good and are comfortable. Yes, we insist on this, because on this site we like to talk about casual clothing that is primarily very comfortable.

How to wear shorts?

Just because it’s summer and shorts become inevitably an important element of your season wardrobe, that does not mean you have to ignore the rules of style. Yes, there are some rules when it comes to shorts.

They do not have to be too long or too short, they must fall just half the knee. You have to forget about the short “short” pants. We do not recommend models that go beyond the knee. Those who reach the half of the calf can no longer be called shorts.


In terms of color, the best choice will always remain a uniquely colored, preferably khaki, beige, olive, navy.

The cut should be simple, (actually very simple) classic (without folds). Make sure you’ve chosen the right measure and I’m coming for you. It is advisable to avoid cargo pants pockets. The simpler the style, the better.

Are cargo shorts in style?

For several years there has been a trend: shorts worn with a jacket. No matter how classics are shorts and as casual as the jacket or blazer, and no matter how much the designers rely on this style in fashion presentations, our suggestion is to always avoid this look. Shorts belong to casual, informal casual style, so keep on short-sleeved shirt. Or if you want or think the occasion requires you to wear a jacket, choose long pants to match it with. So yes if you wonder if cargo shorts are in style this year, the answer is yes.

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