Capri Pants for Women 2015-2016

No matter the moment of the day or season, a pair of Capri pants is without any doubt an excellent solution for a trendy woman.

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This type of pants was invented, if we can say so, by Sonja de Lennart in 1948. I don’t know if you are aware, but the name of these pants comes from the Italian island, Capri, where they were very popular during 50-60’s.
I have to mention the high versatility of this type of pants. They are extremely useful and can be easily worn on many occasions during the day. In addition, you can pair them with a lot of outfit pieces.
The length of the capri pants, in popular parlance called “three-quarter” varies. The most common is however the one that ends at mid-calf.
The footwear is chosen depending on the cut trousers. Indeed with the wide leg fit pads or wooden soled sandals with the tight leg slim heels or ballet. Of course, it also depends on the event you wish to attend dressed with capri pants.
Even if capri pants are comfortable and were first in combinations casual wear, elegant patterns appeared suitable office attire or one evening. Choose a model in vertical stripes (this long optical feet) and combine it with a navy jacket. You will look amazing I can assure you.
For petite women, capri pants below the knees recommend. If you are tall, capri pants can successfully wear a longer top or a shirt, and ballet flats for a casual outfit or sandals to tall for an outfit a little more elegant.
As I said above capri pants for women are accepted in office environment. Of course, the models above the ankle. You may wear stiletto shoes, a shirt and a blazer. Of course, must be chosen in a neutral color, suitable for office: beige, navy, gray. Dare to wear colors to keep them casual.