Camo Jacket 2021

Camo Jackets 2021

Inspired by the uniforms of French soldiers during World War II, the camouflage jacket has, over time (and trends), become an essential part of the men’s wardrobe. But now his role has changed from hiding to highlighting. As a curiosity, it seems that the French painter Lucien-Victor Guirand de Scevola invented this imprint to help the French troops camouflage themselves during the fight.

Going back to the current trends, the references of the camouflage jacket are no longer related to the military purpose but to the streetwear, hip-hop and even Pitti fashion. One of the benefits of wearing this jacket is that it gives personality to a casual outfit with basic chino pants and a T-shirt or injects a note of extravagance into a smart outfit. For a correct approach, here are some styles in which you can integrate the winning clothing associations!

Versatile Piece

Versatility is the key word for the camouflage jacket, both in terms of the print approach in different chromatic variants but also from the point of view of the combination with other pieces. To create specific streetstyle looks, pair it with jeans and sneakers or a pair of basic joggers and t-shirts. But you can create a smart casual outfit with a personality accent using a pair of chinos, a sweater at the base of the neck and a bomber jacket with camouflage print. Isn’t that smart casual fun? Just be careful not to insert another print into the outfit. If you want to stay in the safe area, bet on pieces in dark colors, such as beige, gray, black or green that keep the military references in a contemporary way. Workwear jackets are, in essence, durable pieces, with rigid textures, which withstand time … influences to which camouflage printing can easily adhere. That’s why many designers create workwear jackets in this print. Along with a pair of pants from the same stylistic area and a basic T-shirt, the camouflage jacket will be the statement piece of your street outfit. Layers are another essential component of style when it comes to workwear targets. Try! With camouflage jacket you do not need much creativity. She does everything for you.