Bluetooth Vibrating Bracelet for Women 2015-2016

Bluetooth Vibrating Bracelet is a cute gadget which is highly recommended to modern and active women. With this bracelet, you will not be able to say that you have not heard the phone when she called! Once connected to your phone, the bracelet will vibrate every time someone will call and even will show you the name of the person who wants to contact you. Moreover, if you are in a meeting, or simply can not answer at the time, simply by pressing the button bracelet, you can reject the call.
You can also use the bracelet and the watch post.
Bear in mind that for obsessive fashionistas you could found on more colors for bracelets like white, red and gold, so you can blend a perfectly chosen outfit.

2015-2016 vibrating bracelet

vibrating bluetooth bracelet for women 2015-2016

bluetooth vibrating bracelet 2015-2016

vibrating bracelet 2016-2017

bluettoth vibrating bracelet 2015-2016

It alerts you to calls, messages, etc. It will play music (you will love the music playing function). You have to try that. The sound is clear and descent for its size. and can answer calls directly from the phone. It is also a watch. So, overall, you have many features you find in the more expensive, better fitting other brands made specifically for the phones. For sure a most useful when you need to charge the phone and you want to get notifications. Pairing the device is a breeze, so it functions well with apps that read out loud your notifications to you. Perfect for driving and keeping eyes on the road. Overall, you will love it. Of course you can’t go very far away from the phone without the vibrating alert to let me know I’m out of range. It is definitely worth the money to give it a try.

Here are a few reasons to buy such a device :

– Vibrates if you move too far from your phone
– Vibrates if you receive a phone call
– Dismisses phone call with two button presses
– Long battery life
– Very powerful vibration
– Easy to set up