Blazers For Women 2022

Blazers for women – Key Piece

Blazers for women is one of the key pieces of our wardrobe. Originally created as an office piece, the black blazer has seen a real revival in recent years. Designers, stylists or fashionistas have reinvented it in its own way and in its style and included it in cocktail, formal or weekend outfits. A well-tailored blazer, with simple and clean lines, has no age. Worn from the office to dinner, this piece of clothing has ceased to be a simple expression of comfort and has gradually become an opportunity to experiment even more with textures, colors and trends.
What you put above is immediately noticeable and the first impression is defining. Invest in sustainable quality and stylistic models, because you will wear them for many seasons and they must be easily adaptable to the occasions and the variety of outfits you approach.

Its Origin

Men’s jacket at the base, the blazer has been fully integrated into the women’s wardrobe since the 1920s and the great creative era of Gabrielle Chanel. The term ‘blazer’ comes from the English ‘to blaze’. Today, its colorful and printed variants make it a strong asset of your wardrobe.
The blazer has thus become a suit jacket for everyday wear. It dresses you in the blink of an eye and makes you look great. It structures your bust thanks to its V-shaped closure and goes very well with several types of stockings.

Only An Office Item?

Until recently, the blazer was strictly regarded as an office piece. Today, he complements our most varied outfits, from casual ones to sophisticated cocktail dresses.
Whether you’re wearing a distressed pair of jeans or an evening dress, a black or navy blazer can hold your blazer, while giving you a modern, clean and elegant look. Of course, you should not limit yourself to black. There are plenty of blazer variants in a variety of cuts, textures and prints that will enrich your wardrobe.

What You Can Wear Under A Jacket

A good choice to wear under a blazer is always the three-quarter sleeve blouse. The recommended colors are white, blue or pale pink, but you must always take into account the color of the jacket.
Even a simple T-shirt can be a good choice. Prints are also accepted, but choose a shade that flatters your skin tone.

How To Wear A Woman’s Blazer?

If you have understood the usefulness and importance of a woman’s blazer, you will clearly not want to miss it in your wardrobe. However, one thing is to have blazers at your disposal, but you still have to wear them ideally and effectively. Certain criteria allow on the one hand to establish a real harmony between your style and your blazer, and on the other hand to benefit from a real comfort. To get the most out of personalization and beauty offered by a blazer, it is very important to take more risks first. Indeed, it is essential to venture towards styles less generalized and which however have a great beauty. There are several sophisticated blazer models to choose from.
The floral blazers are very aesthetic with a real summer touch. They have a great influence and blend perfectly with basics, creating a new balance. Plaid blazers are also very fun and elegant. These models are available in many other forms, but retain their advantages. They are well associated with jeans, pants or a plain t-shirt. Likewise, camel blazers are very stylish and personalized. The basic color of this model is its real strength. It allows in particular great adaptability with other garments, especially plain. In addition, the golden blazer is a very attractive option and ideal for evening outings. This type of blazer gives a special look in the evenings by sparkling in contact with light. With this blazer model, you rarely go unnoticed.
The blazer models in black and blue are the most classic. Doing without traditional blazers can be beneficial, but it can also rob many of the cool options. Black is particularly a unique color and essential to improve his style, because it plays a balancing role. Black and blue are also very elegant colors useful for enhancing the presentation. You then have an excellent compromise with revisited versions of the blazer. Indeed, many models of blazers in black or navy blue have excellent assets, including a magnificent design. Do not hesitate to tear off these blazers that go well with several styles and several other clothes. However, it is well indicated a style with a monotonous color. With a dark blazer, you can opt for a light top and a denim bottom. This data is well aware of an exception in the case where you wear an all black tuxedo with high heel shoes for the occasion of a chic evening for example.

Classic Blazer

Now is the best time to take a little out of the classic area and wear it to casual outfits. The classic black jacket fits with office pants and blouses, jeans or day and evening dresses. It is a piece that never goes out of style, being a long-term investment. That is why you should opt for a very good quality jacket, which will look impeccable year after year.
One of this year’s trends is colored jackets. Fashionistas often wear such a jacket, precisely because it brings an extra freshness to the outfits. Opt for shades that can be easily matched such as blue, pale pink, camel or gray. Pair it with jeans or loose fit pants and sneakers, with midi skirts in steamy materials and kitten heel shoes.

Blazers For Women
Blazers For Women

White Blazer

The white blazer is one of the classic pieces, so make sure you don’t miss it in your wardrobe. I noticed that many women avoid wearing the white blazer, which is a mistake. The white blazer, like the black one, should not be missing from our wardrobe. It is very versatile and looks good with both jeans and sneakers and a pair of flared trousers and heeled shoes. You can’t go wrong wearing a white blazer with a striped blouse and a pair of jeans. If you want a splash of color, use a red lipstick and you will be a messy appearance.
For the day, use a blouse in neutral colors and a pair of ankle boots. Accessorize your outfit with a necklace with several chains, if you want to be in trend.
The combination of denim and white blazer is just as safe. If you want to wear a shirt and jeans of the same material, the white blazer will give a chic note to your outfit. I noticed that many women avoid wearing the white jacket, which is a mistake. The white jacket, like the black one, should not be missing from our wardrobe. It is very versatile and looks good with jeans and sneakers, as well as a pair of flared pants and heeled shoes.

Blazers For Women
Blazers For Women

Arched Blazer

It’s a piece you definitely have in the wardrobe. Wear it as in the example above, or with a long knit skirt and socks. It is a classic jacket model and is usually the top of a deux-pieces complete with pants or skirt at the bottom. The arched jacket helps to create an hourglass silhouette, because it emphasizes the waist.
It can be worn with any type of jeans, favoring first of all straight or wide jeans, thus there is a balance in the volume of the outfit. It can be worn with dresses or skirts.
For example, a two-button arched jacket with lapels or one that closes with old man and grandmother and has a high collar? It depends on how classic your style is. Either way, you can combine it with an elegant shirt or a veil top.

Blazers For Women
Blazers For Women

Dress Blazer

What is cool about this blazer is that you can wear it with a skirt, a pair of high-waisted three-quarter pants, but also as a basic piece, without any other supporting part and it will look good in any version.

Blazers For Women
Blazers For Women

Oversized Blazer

Wear it with jeans, dresses and midi skirts, it works literally with any piece you now have in the wardrobe – yes, and with the shorts you wear to the room! It looks tremendously in so many combinations. Another combination can be oversized blazer + jeans culottes + white shirt. You would say that one large piece does not fit another. However, an oversized blazer and a pair of culottes work great at any time!
Of course you can also try oversized blazer + long skirt or steamy midi + ankle boots. How do you integrate the oversized blazer in a feminine, interesting, contrasting mix? Pair it with a steamy, satin skirts, possibly heeled ankle boots!
If you choose, for example an oversized blazer + a mini denim skirt when it gets colder, the maxi blazer can be matched with a denim skirt. Either with sports shoes, or with boots or boots, or with heeled shoes, to get the cool look. Do not be afraid to let your mind to be creative.

Blazers For Women
Blazers For Women

The women’s blazer: how to wear it well to have style

The women’s blazer is an easy to wear, timeless and very elegant wardrobe basic. It goes well with all seasons depending on its material and its print. Beyond the black or navy blue blazer, you have the option of choosing it in stylish and feminine variations. And above all, well outside the classic full blazer + strict tailored pants. But you don’t always know how to wear it and how to pair it with your clothes. If you want to fall for the blazer and hit the mark every time, follow the guide by reading this article! I tell you all about this flagship piece of your wardrobe.
Timeless, elegant and stylish at the same time, the blazer is at the heart of your style because it is an effective all-purpose piece that at the same time holds character. Pretty good, don’t you think? What does not spoil anything, it is also very feminine when well chosen and well worn. This jacket is a piece that structures your silhouette. Never miss wearing one, you will immediately feel well dressed. It’s magic !
In addition, the blazer can give a touch of style to any outfit, even the most basic. A white t-shirt + jeans + sneakers can take on a completely different style depending on the type of blazer that goes with them.
Now that you realize how relevant having this piece is in your wardrobe, it’s time to learn how to wear it well. Nothing could be simpler, here are my 4 keys to come out like a style queen.

Thinking outside the box: character versions

As I told you at the beginning of the article, the days of the exclusive navy blue or black blazer are long gone. Even if this model remains a basic not to be neglected (especially if you avoid associating it only with tailored pants of a similar color), your creative field can go further towards much more exciting horizons! So I suggest you get out of your comfort zone and consider 4 other blazer models.

With flowers

The floral blazer will give an elegant summer touch to your outfit. As it is a strong piece, I advise you to wear it with basics to balance your outfit. To find out how to wear it well, I suggest you read the article on the 9 strongest wardrobe pieces to look stylish when you’re a woman.


Another darling of blazers, the checked model will also give you a very elegant look. In a more classic way it’s true, but again it’s about wearing it the right way. Pair it for example with a plain t-shirt and jeans + heels.


The camel variant is also conducive to giving you style. This tone gives you a nice complexion. As it is a basic color, you can wear the camel blazer easily without getting confused. I suggest you read the article on colors and how to combine them well so as not to go wrong in your choice of everyday outfits.

The classic version revisited

Two colors carry the classic version: black and navy blue. Black is not strictly speaking a color, rather it works to balance your outfit. It is elegant in nature, just like navy blue.

You don’t take any risk opting for one of these styles, both versions go easily with your outfits. To avoid the total dark look, opt instead to wear a dark blazer with a light top and denim bottom. The only exception is the black tuxedo suit for a chic evening. On a woman, it looks very sexy paired with a silk camisole and high heel pumps. It definitely expresses the sexy / elegant combination well.